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Re: Request for Divya Prabhandam book and cassettes

From: Mohan R Sagar (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 21:35:54 PDT

Venkatesh Elayavalli wrote:

> >I am looking for an encyclopaedic edition that has got the original Tamil,
> >modernised Tamil, and English, together with word explanation and
> >commentaries of the Acaryas.
> >

> 1. The Poems of Andal - by P. S. Sundaram
>    publishers: Ananthacharya Indological Research Institute
>    G. D. Somani Memorial Building
>    Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005
> 2. Tiruvaymozhi - by V. N. Vedanta Desikan
>    English translation based on Sri Pillans commentary
>    publishers: Sri Visistadvaita Research Center.
>    66, Dr Rangachari Road, Chennai 600 018

I would like to add to this list with two others:

3.  The Tamil Veda, PillAn's Interpretation of the
by John Carman and Vasudha Narayanan
pubished by the University of Chicago Press
(the translation is of the koyil thiruvAymozhi


4. ThiruvAymozhi English Glossary by S.
Satyamurthy Ayyangar
published by the Ananthacharya Indological
(this may be currently out of print)