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Darwin discussion

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 11:54:36 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,

I would like to circumscribe the discussion of evolution
carried out thus far.  The discussions should center
on how Ramanuja's system of Vedanta understands the
various pramANas, and whether one explanation of the 
origin of species or the universe is acceptable to it.

A discussion that centers purely on the merits of 
Darwin's theory of natural selection, or one which
discusses various evidence and arguments concerning 
the origin of species is NOT appropriate subject matter
for this list.  There are countless other forums for
discussing evolution vs. creationism.  Usually such
debates do not convince either side and end up in 

To reiterate, any discussion here should center on
the relation between the nature of scientific evidence, 
how this fits into the pramANas accepted by the Visishtadvaita
school, and how these two can be reconciled.

Thank you,