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Re: Request for Divya Prabhandam book and cassettes

From: Kazhiyur Mannar Narayanan (
Date: Mon May 10 1999 - 03:59:52 PDT

Sri Venkatesh Wrote,

There are many renderings on the Divya Prabhantha. Last year
TTD (Tirumalai Devastanam) has released a set, a total of
70 cassettes, complete recital of 4000 Divya Prabhantha. Iam
told that K. J. Yesudas has another collection on 4000
produced by TTD.

There is also one by Sri Velukkudi Swami and his son Sri Velukkudi

Sri. venkata Gurave nama:
Respected Sri.Venkatesh and other swamins,

To the best of my knowledge, There is no release of  any cassettes on
prapandam rendering by Sri.Velukudi Swamy Or his  son Sri.Krishnan Swamy.

However,there are upanysams rendered  Both by Sri Velukudi swamy and his son Sri.Krishnan released  by chakkarika audio of triplicane , madras.

Chakkrika cassettes have infact released divya prapandam series rendred by Sri.U.Ve.Venkata Krishnan Swamy and other swamis in Trivallikeni Divya desam.

this i am sure of an excellent quality and as exactly like temple rendering in triplicane .

However, chakkarika has not released  the full set of 4000. still Periya thirumozhi and eyarpa are pending to be recorded and released.

Sri.Rajesh, who is also our member can give more inputs.(he runs the chakraika casstte company)



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