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Request for Divya Prabhandam book and cassettes

From: Jai Simman s/o R. Rangasamy (
Date: Sat May 08 1999 - 03:58:55 PDT

Dear Vaishnavas.
Hare Krishna.
Please accept my humble obeisances at all of your lotus feet.

I have been looking for a first class version of the full Divya Prabhandam
for a long time. Can anyone recommend or better still send a copy to me. I
will post the money in return.

I am looking for an encyclopaedic edition that has got the original Tamil,
modernised Tamil, and English, together with word explanation and
commentaries of the Acaryas.

Also, I am looking for good full-series cassette tapes of the Prabhandams.
I have 2 copies recited by Sevilimedu Srinivasacarya and party. They are
very nice. But I am also looking for the musical version, with the proper
tune, ragam, etc - ie. in the song format. I also have Andal Naciyar's
Tirupaavai sung by the late M.L. Vasanthakumari.
Thevaram and Thiruvasagam are usually sung in a certain raga etc. What
about the Prabhandams ? Are they also sung in that manner ? I would like to
obtain a full set in the song form and recite them. They are really
beautiful - the Prabhandams and compared with all other devotional
literature in Tamil including the Saivite Thirumurais, I find the
Prabhandams' conclusions far superior. The Nayanmars, many of them, sang in
praise of Lord Shiva and very often we see some demands or favours
associated with them. Appar sang for the removal of his stomachache,
Sundarar brought a dead child back from the crocodile's mouth, Sambandar
sang for the temple door to open, etc. of course, the devotee may demand
the Lord for the spiritual welfare of the general populace but we do see
more convaluted mysticism in Saivite literature vis-a-vis Vaishnava
literature. Vaishnavism places more stress on simple totally unmotivated
pure devotional service to a personal God, often devoid of aspiration even
for siddhis, mystic power etc. In the compositions of the Alwars, we find
only pure devotional service to the Lord espoused. They are not interested
in anything else. They simply do not care less for these. This is my
realisation. Pure glorification without any demands ! This is just this
fool's realisation.

What do the Vaishnavas here think ? Please share with me your realisations
on this matter ?

Vaishnava dasan,
R. Jai Simman