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Re: iyer/iyengar
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 13:24:39 PDT

Dear Sri Mani

I agree entirely with your assessment. In fact, I had written once in Bhakti 
list itself (if my memory serves me right) that while there are umpteen 
akritya karanas and kritya akaranas that we here in USA indulge in (knowingly 
and unknowingly) and more so, by the very fact of our coming over here 
crossing the oceans against the dictates of Sastras due to sheer lure of the 
lucre (let alone not performing oupasanas etc) - we have already forfeited 
our claim to be called brahmins. 

I have also listed the circumstances in which a brahmin forfeits the claim to 
brahminhood as explained in the Vajrasoochika Upanishad. If we read the list, 
we would be convinced that we have to feel guilty on each and every count of 
the circumstances listed therein. It would be vainglorious on the part of 
anyone thus guilty to strut about petulantly with a 'holier than thou' air. 

The only consolation is that  being aware of our pathetic plight we are 
struggling to resusticate ourselves with the Satsangam provided by 
Saranagathi journal, SDDS, Bhakti list, Malolan Net, Nama, Sri Ramanuja 
Mission, Thondarkulam and such other organizations. The joint efforts of all 
these, I believe, would lead us back to the mainstream, help us correct 
ourselves and seek Upadesams from our Acharyas onm the right course, in due 
course. Indeed, every sinner has a future, if corrective steps are taken 
Anbil Ramaswamy