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Re: Dealing With Darwin

From: Balaraman M Sriram (
Date: Fri May 07 1999 - 07:35:23 PDT

Arun Wrote:

>Dear Bhaktas,
>	I am listing a few web sites where you will find a few >excellent books 
>that discuss the modern theory of evolution & >science.  After critically 
>studying these theories, the authors also >present the Vedic Vaishnava 
>perspective based on Sri Veda Vyaasa's >Srimad Bhagavatam and other 

I went thru them and have to agree with you particluarly the first
site you mentioned.

>I have read a few of the publications mentioned in these web sites >nd 
>found them to be very authentic.  If anyone is interested, I can
>recommend specific books,

Please do so. Infact there seem to be a lot of books. if you can be kind 
enough to list them it will be benefitted by all those who
are interested in this line of thought where the vedic literature
shows its all encompassing knowledge including mundane science.

>and discuss these thorny issues privately,
>as discussion of this subject might not be in consonance with Mani's
>vision for this forum.

I agree with you fully nevertheless thorny issues need to be discussed more 
publicly for the benefit of all.



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