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From: Lakshmi Srinivas (
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 13:27:12 PDT

Dear Sri Mahavishnu,

Many praNAmams to you. I hope to clear the confusion that I might have
caused by refering to this name. 

The Kandadai Ramanuja Ayyangar, I am refering to, lived between 1430-1496.
He was not from Tirumala but was a desantari i.e., stranger. He enjoyed
the confidence of the Raja Vira Narasimha of the Saluva dynasty and there
is evidence to show that he took the name of his spiritual preceptor, one
Sri KandaDai Annan.  Apparently he took the dasya nama of KandAdai
Ramanuja dAsa but in time he came to be called kandADai Ramanuja AyyangAr.

He is extensively documented in the TTD Inscriptions, Vol II. He is known
to be a SAttAda Srivaishnava. Btw, I think he is also documented in the
Koil Olugu. 

This gentleman has, as far as I know,  apart from the surname, nothing
whatsoever to do with the distinguished  KandADai Annan and Appan families
of SriRangam in terms of lineage. We can if you like take the discussion
off-line and discuss this at length. 

I hope this clears the confusion.

Thanks and Warm Regards. 


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