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[Fwd: stotraratna contd.(5 to 8).]

Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 02:09:48 PDT

attached mail follows:

Respected members,

The next 4 slokhas of yaamunaacharya's stotraratna is as follows :-

slokha no:- 5

Maataa-pitaa-yuvatayas tanayaa-vibhutih
sarve yadeva niyamena mad-anvayaanaam;
aadyasya nah kulapater bakul'aabhiraamam
srimat tadanghri-yugalam pranamami murdhnaa.

I reverently bow down my head to the blessed feet of
the originator and the first lord*  of our spiritual community,
which are enchanting with the bakula flowers [offered in worship]
and which alone are eternally our all-in-all- our mother,father,
daughters,sons and wealth to every one of my community.

slokha no:- 6

Yan muurdhni me sruti-sirassu ca bhaati yasmin
asman manoratha-pathas sakalas sameti;
stosyaami nah kula-dhanam kula-daivatam tat
paadaaravindam aravinda-vilocanasya.

I shall offer my hymn of praise to the holy feet of the lotus
eyed one(i.e vishnu) -  the feet which are the sole object of
my concluding philosophy of the vedas(i.e the upanishads).
All the currents of our thoughts converge on him who
forms the treasure and tutelary deity of our lineage.

slokha no :- 7

tattvena yasya mahim'aarnava-sikaraanuh
sakyo na maatum api sarva-pitaamahaadyaih;
kartum tadiya mahima-srutim udyataaya
mahyam namo'astu kavaye nirapatrapaaya.

Fie upon me!  the impudent poet. intent as I am to sing the
praise of his ocean-like glory, a single particle of whose spray
it is not possible even for siva,brahma and the like to measure

slokha no :- 8

Yad vaa sramaavadhi yathaa-mati vaapyasaktah
staumy'evam eva khalu te'api sadaa-stuvantah;
vedaas caturmukha-mukhaascs mah'aarnavaantah
ko majjator anu-kulaacalayor visesah.

Yet in spite of my weakness, I am justified in praising him to the
limit of my capacity and to the best of my knowledge. For, verily,
even the vedas and the four-faced brahma, ever engaged in singing
his glory, could praise him only in a similar strain. What difference
by contrast is there between an atom and a huge mountain range when
both are submerged in the great ocean?.

With Regards