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RE: AchArya paramparA and other

From: Jagan Mohan R. Naidu (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 16:00:17 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,
	Can it also be added that Vedas exist throughout eternity and after a
dissolution of the Universe and during the birth of a new Brahma, the four
vedas are re-manifested through Brahma and consequently a Veda-Vyaasa is
born to codify and put down the Vedas in language form for people to read
and understand?
Sage Vyaasa is also a Aavatara of Sri Narayana (one of the many types of
Since Sage Vyaasa is a avatara of Sriman, and since Sriman Narayana is the
prime source of our Parampara, it might also be concluded that there is no
reason for including Vyaasa again in the Guru Parampara.
Please correct me if I might be wrong.

Adiyen- Ramanujadasan,
Jagan Mohan.

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Dear Sri Mani Varadarajan :

Sage VyaasA as his very name implies is
a "compiler " of the four VedAs . His contributions
thru writing of the one lakh slOkams of
MahA BhAratham , "the fifth vedam "
and the 18 purANams have earned him the status as
a great maharishi worthy of adoration by every
sampradhAyins . His VedAntha SoothrAs are a class
by themselves and have provided the basis for more than
14 BhAshyams .