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RE: Iyer/Iyengar

From: Jagan Mohan R. Naidu (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 16:00:02 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,
		Can it be that anyone irrespective of the caste that he is born into,
after initiation and the Pancha Samskaram from a Guru of our Paramara
becomes technically a Iyengar?
Does Caste play any or important role in Bhakthi?
If it doesnt, is it justified to use 'IyengAr' as a title or as a term to
differentiate between bhaktas born in SriVaishnava families from others?
In what sense can 'IyengAr' be used and in what context/situation?

Jagan Mohan, Ramanujadasan.

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"IyengAr" means 'Iyndu angam Udayavar'or'Iyndu kAryangaL
Udayavar'. These five refers to the 'Pancha SamskAram'. It also
means the fiva angAs of prapatti. We can in general say that this
PanchaSamskAram gives one the name "IyengAr".