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From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 09:40:26 PDT

SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
SrI Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrIvaNN-
SatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESikAya namaha

Dear Smt Shoba Srinivasan,
namO nArAyaNA.

> I checked with allmost all the madhwa mutts and many scholars over these
> past months regarding the said debate.  There is no madhwa swamiji by name
> Sri SathyAnanda theerta who lived in 1900s.  Usually, Uttaraya mutt has
> swamijis with name begining with Sathya.  There was one Sri SathyAnanda
> theerta who lived in 1600s.  So the name and time frame do not match.

  Thanks for your kind information. I checked with the book 
 "AchArya Vaibhavam anubandham" published by Sri VisishtAdvaita
 Research Center , Madras. An article in it contains the gist of
 the debate in sanskrit also. Sri SathyAnanda teerthar is reported
 to be the matAdhipati of UttarAdi Mutt. The time frame of the debate
 is around that of 1930s. I will also try to gather some more details.
 adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
 ananthapadmanAbha dAsan