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Periya Thirumozhi 3.2- Sevvaay kiLi naan maRai paadum Chithrakoodam

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed May 05 1999 - 02:02:43 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In order to attain the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan Sriya: Pathi Sriman
Narayanan, one needs to get rid of the bondage with this Prakritha
SarIram (the Body, which causes as a hurdle – as an enemy to our
endeavours.  For getting rid of these karmic diseases and this
sarIram, we need not do anything like performing severe penance,
causing excruciating pain to one’s body. He- the Lord, without anyone’s 
asking, protected the worlds and the beings during cosmic cycle end. He is 
such Parama kaaruNikO Bhagawaan. He took so many avtaars, and lived with 
people to save them. Such a Sowlabhyan is He. And to top them all, He 
resides in His Purest Form, in all Divya Desams, and here in this Thillai 
Chitthrakoodam. Just reach this sthalam and all your enemies (within and 
outside) will vanish. This is ThirumangaiAzhwAr’s advice to us in 3.2.

1. Oh People, who are qualified to  rule the Paramapadham, where Nithyars 
live! Don’t perform penance with terrible sufferings, drying and thinning 
down the flesh, without eating anything, consuming only water and air and 
torturing the five sense organs, and you also get tortured thereby. The 
peacocks dance spreading their colourful beautiful feathers, bees humming 
just above the charming water surface in the ponds, the flags of tall 
gently twist due to the breeze, = Such a beautiful scenery exists at Thillai 
Chithrakkodam! Reach there.

2. Oh folks, who wish to have Emperumaan (the One who hugs PiraaTTi and has 
Her in His Chest) in your heart! Don’t trouble yourself performing severe 
penance standing in the middle of fire for ages, eating only dried fruits 
and raw vegetables, consuming only air and water! Due to the presence of 
agnihOthris – Sri Vaishnavas- the Vedic scholars fire (agni) at Thillai 
Chithrakkodam keeps growing /glowing everyday! Reach that holy place!

3. Oh Bhagawaths, who are interested and yearning to reach those two Lotus 
Feet of Emperumaan, (who had appeared as Varaaha moorthy, the unparalleled- 
the one living in the forest, with terrific ferocity, brought back, the most 
fertile Earth from the troubled waters.. )! Reach the Divine place Thillai 
where the Pallava king along with his entire parivaar (army), surrendered to 
the Lord and paid his obeisance, where it is full of tall ramparts and 
buildings built up of golden stones and emerald gems)

4. Oh Guys who think of getting rid of the samsaaric ills and the never 
ending birth cycles!
Those who utter the Divine name of the Most wonderful Lord who had
effortlessly measured the whole Universe by coming in a small Brahmin Boy 
Vaamanan and taking the huge form in the yaagham conucted by Bhali (when 
Indran had lost his kingodm to Bhali)! On the dark big, vast Ocean, the twin 
split tongued snake AdhsEshan- AnathAzhwAn is the Bed for this Lord 
Emperumaan Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan, who is always with Periya 
PiraaTTi at Thillai
Chithra Koodam. Reach that place!

5. (After Varaaha, Vaamana avathaaram, AzhwAr goes on to enjoy Parasurama 
avtaar!). For the destruction of Kshathriyas and saving the earth surrounded 
by oceans, He took the axe and took ParasurAma avataar and emerged 
victoriously! That ParasumrAma muni, if you wish to have Him as your own and 
for your redemption, please proceed to Thillai Chithra Koodam,  the most 
beautiful, and the most fertile place( where Periya PiraaTTi stays in his 
Chest and BhUmi PiraaTTi seated on His left, and the lady of fame (Keerthi) 
is found everywhere!)

6. Those who wish and desire to live, yearning for having the Lord
in your heart at all times and always think of Him- who, by
just simply sending an arrow,  which is as lustrous and bright
like a flame tip, towards the Ocean, tamed the sea built a bridge
of rocks across Sea, the most adorable Lord- the Personification
of Dark Beauty-the One who adorns Himself with the Most
brightest Beautiful Ornaments! Small girls at Thillai Chithrakoodam,
by hearing their fathers (Srivaishnavas) reciting Vedas, also start
uttering those Vedic hymns and their pet parrots too listening
to these girls’ recitations, start singing those hymns! What a
place! Reach that place!

7. Oh Dear! Those who long to have in your heart for ever the Lord-
Emperumaan- Sriya: Pathi, who is always with Periya PiraaTTi-
(the One who was given birth by the Ocean of swirls and swift
currents)-  who joined the most fragrant flower adorned
Nappinaai PiraaTTi! Reach this Beautiful sthalam of Thillai
Chithrakoodam where the river waters bring with them the
broken ivory tusks of dead elephants (on the way) and the logs of
sandal tree branches.

8. Oh Those,having always the thoughts of attaining only the Lotus Feet of 
Emperumaan the Lord Sriya: Pathi- who once took the whole
Universe in His stomach and brought it out after the Cosmic cycle end,
thereby saving and protecting the same- who took care of the cattle- the 
Lord of Aayars (cowherd men) –who effortlessly lifted the huge
Govardhana mountain for saving the cattle from the torrential rains
executed by Indran- who without even thinking of the tremendous
risk involved in attacking the Kesi asuran, simply tore the mouth and
the body of Kesi! Reach the most holiest place of Thillai Chithra
koodam, where the Sarveshwaran- the most beautiful Divine form
the most Brightest lustrous Lord- is worshipped by thousands (three?)
of Brahmins daily by their very nature (swaroopam).

9. Oh Bhagwathas, who wish to reside permanently at Paramapadham,
(the most inaccessible place even for souls like Brahma, et al), and
to get rid of all accrued enormous karmas (paapams), that are accumulated 
over the ages and the carnal desires that stay at heart, which keep growing 
always, with desires of sensual pleasures from beautiful women (of darting, 
dark, blue cool eyes), and getting angered when not successful to get such 
“sensual” pleasures! Reach the beautiful Holy Thillai Chithra koodam, where 
the most fragrant blue flowers bloom everywhere and the lovely fishes jump 
in the fields with joy!

10. This ten is about the most Divine- most beautiful ruddy lined
Lotus eyed Lord who resides at Thillai Chithrakoodam, which
is surrounded by fertile lovely gardens. This has been composed
with a view to getting more and more intense Anandham and bliss
of enjoying Him. ThirumangaiAzhwAr, Kaliyan, whose very nature
is to be merciful to others on this earth, like the dark clouds, composed
this ten. Those who read them, WILL LIVE FOREVER SERVING

AzhWar ThiruvadiagLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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