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Rig Veda online

From: Venkatesh K. Elayavalli (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 11:17:11 PDT

Dear Members,

I am glad to announce the release of the mirror site
for Rig Veda text with english translation of Sayana's

The URL is

and select the "Rig Veda" link from the Vedas section

The online version is presented in 10 mandalas (or books).
These documents are best if viewed using Netscape 4.06 or
later version, IE 4.* or later version. (Earlier versions of
Netscape and IE do not support dynamic fonts and so will
not render these pages in required fonts).

The Mandala 1 is about 1.8 Mb in size and may be slow in

I would like to thank Dr. S. Kalyanaraman for providing the
permission to host the texts. Please visist his Sarsvati
Sindu project that documents the history and archeological
discoveries of the Sarasvati river civilization. A link is
provided from the Rig Veda page (TOC).


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