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new member introduction.

From: Vaidya Sundaram (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 10:34:20 PDT

 I recently joined this list and was requested to send a brief introduction.
Here goes ...
 My name is Vaidya Narayanan and I am basically from Madras, India. I am 25
years old. As for my spiritual pursuit, I have been exposed to several
traditions over the past several years, and have honestly tried to pursue
each one, but seem to have run out of steam in each one, until recently,
when I was introduced fully to advaita parampara by the saints of Sringeri
and Kanchi. To be honest to the members of this list, I deeply revere Sri
Adishankara and am convinced of the essential advaitic nature of creation.
And to be frank, that I believe it is not to say I have seen it or anywhere
close to it. However, I have also learnt, from Shankara Himself, that Bhakti
is the prime source of attaining "oneness" and have been trying honestly to
develop bhakti.
 Needless to say, I sincerely revere Sri Ramanuja, and I am yet to fully
fathom how great His bhakti tradition is. It is mentioned so very often when
one discsses Bhakti that the true bhakta is fully immersed in it. As much as
I believe in it, I have found that my bhakti is directly proportional to the
nature of the difficultly that confronts me. I find this deeply
disappointing and wish to learn more of His grace which itself is essential
to develop bhakti.
 As is the case with all bhaktas, I listen to the discourse of the Srimad
Bhagavatam and Sri Valmiki Ramayana (both given by SengAlipuram upanyAsa
chakravarti Sri AnantharAma diskshidhar) for an hour every day, and try to
do my regular sandhyAvandhanam and japa that I was initiated into by my
parents some 18 years ago.

 I am sure I have much to learn from such an esteemed forum and the
tradition of Sri Ramanuja. I hope I will be accepted in this list in spite
of my advaitic background. Needless to say, I will fully endeavour to adhere
to the rules of the list, and perhaps will silently listen to the words of
the members of this list.