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From: narayan jagan (
Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 02:05:28 PDT

Dear friends

I would like to introduce myself as a new member of the bhakti group.
My name is Narayan.As iam using only hot mail can anyone please tell me how 
to configure my hotmail such that it sends only plain text.
Please don't mistake me to be a casteist.If i have hurt anyone iam sorry

If Ramanuja belonged to the vadama subset of brahmins,then was he an 
iyer?.One of my
iyer friends argued with me that afterall we required only an iyer to revive 
vaishnavism.He claims that none
of the great philosophers and leaders of vaishnavism were vaishnavas by 
birth but only smarthas.Even the brahmin alwars were not vaishnavas  but 
only saivaites or iyers
who follow siva.The whole concept of vaishnavism started only recently and 
1000 years back
none of the brahmins were vaishnavs i.e iyengars but only iyers.The concept 
of iyengars was started only by ramanuja.Is it true?
He also claims that vedas and shastras speak only about the greatness of the 
vibuthi and not
thiruman or the srichornam and therefore tha smarthas are superior and they 
are true brahmins
Can anyone give me a convincing reply.I will be greateful .I know that  
srivaishnavism is beyond caste creed or race
and i firmly believe that everyone is the same in Sriman Narayana's eyes.

Srinivasa dasan


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