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Re: bAdarAyaNa
Date: Mon May 03 1999 - 13:22:01 PDT

Dear Mani:

Thanks very much for your prompt response.  I wish to ask something more
specific, with respect to the statements below... If you say

[a] That Vyasa is NOT part of our AchArya paramparA, and
[b] That bAdarAyaNa IS identified with Vyasa, and
[c] That bodhAyana is a shishya of bAdarAyaNa,
then at least one of the following must be true:

[1] That bodhAyana does NOT belong to SriVaishnava guru-paramparA,
[2] That Vyasa IS part of this paramparA, or 
[3] That bAdarAyaNa is actually different from Vyasa.

If [3] is true, then who really was bAdarAyaNa?

> > What I do understand is that
> > the guru-paramparA begins with PerumAL and the Vedic rishi vyAsar is his
> > immediate disciple.
> No, the guru-paramparA begins with PerumaaL and Thaayaar,
> goes through Vishvaksena who gave upadesam to Nammalvar,
> who in turn gave upadesam to Nathamuni while the latter
> was engaged in yoga.  Vyasa does not come in our acharya
> paramparA.
> > Next, I think (correction?) that the AchArya budhAyana
> > belonged to the Upanishadic period.
> Bodhayana is considered by tradition to be a sishya of
> Badarayana, the author of the Brahma Sutras.  Badarayana
> is identified with Veda Vyasa.

Best wishes.
-SrInAth chakravarty