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Re: Hri of Purisha Suktam (Uttara Nayaranam)
Date: Sun May 02 1999 - 19:45:49 PDT

Sriman Mani has commented on what Hri may imply.
Most commentaries, I have read, simply translate Hri as
modesty. Sriman D.V. Gundappa (DVG), a great Kannada writer,
philospher and scholar- also translates Hri as modesty
and goes on to comment that it is only most 
appropriate that the embodiments of wealth  (Sree/Lakshmi) and 
modesty (Hri) be found inseperable as consorts of Vishnu.

In the Vedic injunctions, we hears: Sriyaa Deyam, Hriyaa deyam..
(give in plenty,  give with modesty).

On a different note, DVG translates VIRAAT as VARIETY.
Likewise, I feel OM and OMNI may be related.



Koti Sreekrishna Tatachar