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Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal - Part 6

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Date: Sun May 02 1999 - 16:43:11 PDT

Dear devotees,

Due to some problem in our phone line we were not able be
continue the postings on Sri Manavala Mamunighal. By Emberuman's
mercy the problems are corrected now and we wish to continue with
the last 3 posts on Acharya Manavala Mamunighal.

Alaghia Manavala Mamunighal(Part 6)
(article by Sri V.V.Ramanujam, published in Sri Panchajanya

Two poems the  Yathiraja Vimsathi and Devaraja Ucangalam, the
latter in praise of the Lord at Kanchi are beautiful compositions
in Sanskrit.  The Jeeyar has writtena small book on Bhagavata
Ardhanakramam - instructions for the daily puja for the  Lord.
He prepared a bibliography of authorities cited inthe Eadu
commentary - not a mean task at  a time when there were neither
printed books nor organised libraries and one had oneself tobe a
walking library to undertake such a monumental task.  In fact,
itis a unique feature of the commentaries of Manavalamamunigal
that whenedver a previous Acharya is cited, the proper reference
is always given as also a brief explanation of the passage
quoted.  This indicates not only the vastness and depth of his
learning but also his truthfulness in acknowledging others'
views.  Many scholars extoled the Jeeyar as  Visadavakshikhamani
for his inimitable style - neither too brief nor dilatory- always
clear, unambiguous and tothe point, all this beaaring witness to
his cholarship, analytical thinking, deep understanding and
facility of expression .