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From: Usha Sampath (surfing_at_Pacbell.Net)
Date: Sun May 31 1998 - 07:46:45 PDT

MK Krishnaswamy <> 

Dear Bhakti-group members,

Shriman Sudarshan's (R.Balaji) scholarly posting is timely to canalise
our thoughts in the right direction.  We may try to understand the Lord;
but attempts to cast Him in our image of right and wrong will take us
away from the path of Bhakti.  The all-pervasive Narayana, we are told
in Narayana Suktam, exists in everything and everywhere: "Yaccha
kimchith jagatyasmin drushyate shrooyate.pi va | Antarbahishcha
tatsarvam vyaapya naaraayanassthhitah || " If we can internalise this
truth, and truly accept that the Lord exists in every created being and
everywhere, how can we complain that He is amoral because He appears to
be the bandhu of a part of it which we judge as "bad" or "evil"?  The
mother with a large number of children devotes more attention to her
"bad" child; should the "good" child have a complaint against her on
this account?

Putana went to Krishna with a lot of poison in her breast as an offering
to Him. He sucked out all the poison and gave her deliverance.  It is
said in the Bhagavata Puranam that when the body was cremated, a
pleasant sandal-smell pervaded the atmosphere. No wonder that Desikan
considered Him a bandhu of all that He himself created -- the Lokam,
without any exception.

Let us listen to the timely warning of Shriman Balaji and commence a
true Sahasranama Archanai of the Lord. Let us try to understand Him in
all His glory, untouched by our limitations.

Adiyen Dasan,
MK Krishnaswamy