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Re: Shri Mani Varadarajan and kainkarya thilakam ...

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 17:26:20 PDT

Dear Sri Raja Krishnaswamy :

You are absolutely correct in pointing out 
the centrality of Sri Mani Varadarajan's
Kaimkaryam . It shall never ever be forgotten
how Sri Mani has brought us all together thru
the Bhakthi List . He is truly blessed with 
immeasurable Kaimkarya Sri and the Kaimkarya 
Tilakam shines brightly & unquestionably on his forehead .
Can we just imagine , what it would be like 
without the Bhakthi List ? It is truly amazing 
how this list has sparked off so many other 
activities in support of Sri Vaishnavism .
I join with yourself and others  proudly to congratulate 
Sri Mani once again on this important occasion 
in his life and wish him and his wife sarva srEyas .


>This discussion about kainkarya thilakam seems to have forgotten one person 
>without whom all this publicity and disemmination of Bhakti and prapaththi 
>knowledge would have been impossible.  I am talking about Shri Mani 
>Varadarajan and his efforts in maintaining and archiving this list.  He has 
>done an incredible job and that's one more and many more congratulations to 
>him ... 
>shriyakAnthAya nithayE nithayErthinAm 
>shrI vEnkata nivAsAya shrInivAsAya managaLam   
>Raja Krishnasamy