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Shri Mani Varadarajan and kainkarya thilakam ...

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 10:28:35 PDT

First of all Vaidehi Joins me in Congratulating Shri Mani Varadarajan and
Wife and wishing them a very Long and Prosperous and fulfilling married
We pray to the Lord and Lady of thiruviNNagaram, thiruvEngadam and 
thiruvallikENi to bless them with all there is that can be conferred on the 
two bhAgavthAs who begin their life together. 
This discussion about kainkarya thilakam seems to have forgotten one person 
without whom all this publicity and disemmination of Bhakti and prapaththi 
knowledge would have been impossible.  I am talking about Shri Mani 
Varadarajan and his efforts in maintaining and archiving this list.  He has 
done an incredible job and that's one more and many more congratulations to 
him ... 
shriyakAnthAya nithayE nithayErthinAm 
shrI vEnkata nivAsAya shrInivAsAya managaLam   
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