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Shri Sadagopan's Music Collection ...

From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 10:17:03 PDT

Dear bhAgavathAs: 
A few weeks back Shri Sadagopan had written about his wish to raise money
Shri Ranganatha Kainkaryam through the disemmination and distribution of his 
music collection. 
I was one of the volunteers fortunate enough to be chosen for this holy
What I do not understand is how a person could think of simply giving away 
such and eclectic collection of Carnatic Music.  I commend shri Sadagopan
fall at his thiruvadi to teach me this art of thyajyam, a real life example
 sacrifice as reflected in the Lord's charama shlOkam: 
	"sarva dharmAn prithyajya ..." 
Last week Shri Sadagopan gave me approximately 400 + tapes.  I will over the 
next few weeks be cataloguing the tapes and publishing the catalog as I go 
along.  I have permission to distribute the tapes as follows: 
Commercial Tapes - No copying.  To be sold as is.  Hence only the copies I 
have will be available for purchase. 
Tapes distributed by Organizations - Same as above. 
Personal Tapes of Shri Sadagopan - Based on resources available, I may be
to copy these tapes and distribute them. 
Sale of tapes is purely on first come- first served basis, as the tapes are 
indeed eclectic and rare to find.  I will be distributing only those tapes 
where recording quality is good.  The collections include full concerts of 
artists such as Ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar, B Rajam Iyer, Musiri, etc.  
Please look out for further postings.  
Raja Krishnasamy 
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