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Thanks for the Pittsburgh SammeLan

From: Rajagopalan, Murli, NCSIO (
Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 10:33:07 PDT

Dearest Bhaagawatas,

Already several laudatory e-mails have been sent out in connection with the
Pittsburgh SammeLan.  On my part I could not resist posting this e-mail
despite possible bandwidth overloading and redundancy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SrimAn Sadagopan for his
skillful leadership, his noble service of getting people to assemble under
one roof to share in bhagawad and bhaagawata anubhavam, and his tireless
efforts in organizing the venue, speakers, and a host of other things during
the just-concluded sammeLan at Pittsburgh.  I would also like to extend my
heartfelt regards and thanks for the cooperation of the members of the SV
Temple trust without which the event would not have been as successful as it
was.  All speakers and podium-participants deserve commendation for putting
in so much thought and effort into their talks and/or selection of songs,
for adjusting the talks to get across the tenets of VisishtAdwaita to a big
crowd of interested audience, and for serving the amritham (nectar of
bhagawad and bhaagawata anubhavam) in small palatable doses.  The speakers
(we should realize) are some of the most learned in the field of
VisishtAdwaita and SriVaishNavism, and it is our great privilege to have got
an snapshot of their thoughts and anubhavam of the Lord, all of which were
unique to every speaker.  And last but not the least, I really appreciate
the presence of such a large bhaagawata audience who committed the
most-traveled long week-end in the USA to the experience and service of the
Lord.  Some of the people (I gathered later) traveled great distances to
participate in the event.  I can confidently say that none were left out in
the experience of Lord Srinivasa.  It is no exaggeration when I say that we
had only the Lord and his glory to talk about all through the journey back
home, an inseparable part of His glory undoubtedly being His servants.  Such
is the effect of the company of bhaagawatas.

I pray to the almighty to grace us with many more such bhaagawata unions --
an indispensable ingredient in the pAyasam of bhagawad anubhavam.

|| Sarvam Sri KrishnArpaNamastu ||

Murali, Keshav, and Bharathi Kadambi.