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Copy of the Video Tape

From: Manjula V. Sriram (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 13:24:30 PDT

Hello Everyone,
	This weekend was Excellent.  As we get back into the regular flow
of things, we are trying to practice what was taught by our acharyas,
conveyed by the so learned people of our group.

	We were able to record the first half (ie half of first day)
and the full program on the second day.  If anyone is interested please
let me know, and send me your address.  In our effort to raise money for
the Ranganatha Koil in Pamona, we are willing to make copies.  It would be
nice if everyone who wants the tape send me the address and a check in the
name of Ranganatha Temple.  We would like to do this as a kainkaryam
hence, don't want to charge any money for the mailing and the cost of the
tape.  Instead make the amount of donation to be $15.00.  I know this is
$5.00 more that what we initially thought, but I think this is fare since
there will be no extra cost for the tape or mailing and I feel the sooner
we raise the money to build the koil the better it is.

If anyone of you does not mind waiting until Labor Day Weekend please let
me know, this way we can hand deliver them at that time.

Please let me know if this is a problem


Manjula V. Sriram
414-798-8560 ext 1199