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Thiruvaaymozhi 6.7- uNNum chORu parugum neer thnnum veRRilai ellaam KaNNan!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 21:20:53 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

(At the outset, I would like to CONGRATULATE KAIMKARY A THIALAKM Sriman 
U Ve Oppilappan Koil varadachari SadagOpan Swamin for his just completed 
excellent Conference on Lord SriNivaasan. It is our little puNyam 
(somewhere accrued over the ages, in spite of enormous sins committed) 
that Sri SadagOpan is in our midst to bless us with such kaimkaryams, 
that adds a feather in his cap (which already is filled with lots of 

 Let us NOW get blessed with Thirukkurugoor SadgOpar's next ten 

AzhwAr’s (ParangusanAyaki’s) mother pitied her state and was concerned 
for her daughter’s suffering due to her love and craze for Emperumaan. 
Here, the same mother tells us that her daughter has proceeded all alone 
towards ThirukkOLUr , telling that KaNNan is everything to her. 
Thaarakam, bhOshakam and bhOgyam- everything is He. Her mother asks: "If 
she decides to go  there, let her take me too? Why should she go all 
alone? Is she not scared? What will others say? Will she not get into 
trance and fall unconscious seeing the beautiful scenery on the way with 
an anubhavam that it is ALL EMPERUMAAN’s Creation. She does not even 
think of her soft feminine nature of her self’ nor she is bothered about 
our suffering by letting herself go away from us. (this is NampiLLai’s 
introduction to this set of ten pAsurams).

1.  "uNNum chORu parugum neer thinnum veRRilai ellam kaNNan...." goes 
the first pasuram. This girl who looks like a young beautiful deer, 
tells that everything is Kannan for me. The food that is being eaten, 
the drinking water and the chewing betel leaves, - are all KaNNan. She 
keeps uttering such statements and melts with tear filled eyes. His 
Beauty and His kalyANa guNAs (most auspicious attributes) are the only 
wealth for her. Listening to His guNAs and thinking of His Beauty, she 
is proceeding towards ThirukkOLUr. She will definitely reach there. (She 
is determined.) (When NampiLLai was asked as to why AzhwAr did not tell 
just chORu, neer and veRRilai? Why should it be "uNNum chORu, parugum 
neer and thinnum veRRilai, NampiLLai beautifully replied that the food, 
water or veRRilai will be more enjoyable when one is really hungry, 
thirsty and needs them desperately; that alone makes them much more 
enjoyable. Hence, the food that is being eaten (when one is hungry), the 
drinking water (when one is very thirsty) and the betel leaves that is 
chewed (when one needs it - may be after a full meal). AzhwAr compares 
that enjoyment to KaNNan. - The same food, water, or betel leaves are 
not desired after at all times. When it is desired after it is 
enjoyeable. That enjoyment is KaNNan. That is NammAzhwAr!) (Namjeeyar 
says " I listened to PiLLai thirunaRaiyoor aRaiyar’s Thiruvaaymozhi 
vyAkhyAnam. Nothing went into my head. When he said just this line 
"uNNum chOru....KaNNan,", he need not even have to tell me the meaning. 
I could imagine AzhwAr’s tear filled eyes and melting heart for 
Emperumaan KaNNan.")

2.  The mother asks.. Oh Girls! My girl has made the entire place, 
village and this earth utter and blabber His names, guNAs and qualities. 
They are also equally made after Him like my daughter. My girl has gone 
beyond all disciplines/norms of the society. (means she has gone beyond 
intellect.- "poyninRa jnAnamum pollaa ozhukkamum...). Will she 
ultimately reach ThirukkOLUr? Will she come back to me, who is the 
Greatest sinner? (Sinner beacuse even after giving birth to such a 
Gifted, saintly person, I am asking all of you to tell me her present 
state? Am I not a sinner? I should have followed her.) 

3.  My girl has ignored all her playful objects and pets, namely, the 
parrot, the ball, the small wooden toy, the flower basket, etc., and has 
gone towards ThirukkOLUr, considering that the enjoyment that she can 
derive from Lord VishNu is much more than all these playful things.  She 
tells only His names now! She has gone already! Would she have reached? 
Alas! Would she be crying ceaselessly with tears rolling down her soft 
cheeks and bimbhA fruit like lips,  that quiver, thinking of the Lord? 

4.  Will other people talk bad about her and character, beacuse she has 
gone to ThirukkOLUr alone? They are so notorious in gossiping! Or 
perhaps, will they talk that my girl is doing what is suited to her 
nature and bhakti? Will she exert herself and let her legs and hip 
weaken by walking so long towards ThirukkOLUr, where Emeprumaan (who has 
none above or equal to Him and who has no better wealth than Himself), 
is having His yOga nithrA. Only due to her bold and determined action 
she is able to perform this.

5.  My girl, who can be called even as kind of Piraatti (dEvi), due to 
her exquisite beauty, has lost her heart and her mind on Emperumaan’s 
guNAs and is not able to even bearing such a thought in her mind. She 
has even left her pranks and plays appropriate for her age. She has gone 
to ThirukkOLUr, where her wealth, Lord VishNu is sleeping. Is she 
enjoying to the fullest satisfaction, looking at those Gardens, the 
ponds, the Lord’s temple at ThirukkOLUr? (When she was suffering 
languishing for Him, I saw her; but now, when she is really enjoying The 
Lord’s beauty, I am NOT able to see her enjoy. I am a sinner!). (Here 
AzhwAr says "avan kOuilum kaNdu aavi vuL kuLira...." kaNdu means having 
seen..... NampiLLai interprest beautifully: After having seen ("kaNdu") 
the Lord in her mind, she saw the Lord’s Beauty at ThirukkOLUr and went 
ecstatic. She considered even seeing the temple the ultimate 
Purushaartham. Namjeeyar also mentions an interesting anecdote. "When 
PiLLaithirunaRaiyoor and Bhattar were at NamperumAL sanndidhi (the 
sanctum sanctorum of Lord Sri ranganAthA at Sri Rangam), they were 
looking at the Lord’s ThirumEni (Divine Body) as if they were drinking 
the beauty of the Lord through their eyes. I could see that from behind. 
Enna azhagaana anubhavam! Namjeeyar’s enjoyment is simply superb.

6.  This young deer-like girl of mine, at my old age, is not here to 
help me (in day to day chores in the kitchen?). Instead, she has left me 
and gone towards the South to reach ThirukkOLUr. She sees the Lord 
VishNu (who is most gracefully at that Divya dEsam with His large 
beautiful Lotus like eyes and round red lipped mouth. With tears of 
great joy from her eyes rolling down her soft cheeks, she quivers with 
her heart melting.

7.  My Girl has lost her mind on thinking of Bhagawaan only. With a 
desire to see Him, and with that longing, she cries for Him. Tears blind 
her vision. The heart is choked with emotion. (The external eyes are 
covered with tears and she can not see. The internal eyes in the heart 
are also choked. How will she reach is the mother’s anguish and concern. 
Beautiful narration by AzhwAr! What a Great Poet is He! ) Day and night, 
she has been yelling "NedumaalE! NedumaalE! (Lord VishNu) and calls Him. 
Calling Him, she has proceeded to ThirukkOLUr. He is staying there with 
a pride in His face that He is the Greatest of Greatest wealth of all 
worlds. How will she be able to endure the journey with her heart 
melting,  thin legs suffering and tears, rolling down the cheeks 
uninterruptedly? (She should expect Him to come and stay here; On the 
contrary, with her tender body, weak heart, she walks and He is staying 
there waiting for her).

8.  My girl leaving me has fallen in love with ThirukkOLUr Emperumaan 
and is proceeding towards that place. She is melting with love for Him. 
She is walking with her hands on her weakening hips (due to her exertion 
from emotions and physical strain as well). When Emperumaan is staying 
at that Divya sthalam, with Periya Piraatti Sri MahAlakshmi, (whose 
waist is also weakened due to her ecstasy and enjoyment for being with 
the Lord), She is suffering on her way to ThirukkOLUr, leaving me all 

9.  My girl is offering all good things that she comes across to KaNNan 
saying that everything is for KaNNan only. She has got so much adoration 
and tremendous love for Him. When such is the case, the people talk so 
much about my girl and talk all sorts of ills. And, she is also NOT 
bothered about all those talks. (KulasEkaharAzhwAr says : "pEya rEyenak 
kiyaavarum yaanumOr pEya NnEyevark kum_ithu pEsiyen aaya NnEaraNG 
kaaenRa zhaikkinREn pEya NnaayozhinthEn empiraanukkE "- means: For me 
all these guys (who talk about me) are all pEy (mad - crazee)  and I am 
also "pEy" for them; I have become mad after My Emperumaan.)  She is 
also Not bothered about me and has left me to proceed towards 

10.  Oh Gods! I am simply NOT able to comprehend the nature of my 
daughter. My Beautiful deer-like girl has left me and gone towards 
ThirukkOLUr. She has gone to ThirukkOLUr Emperumaan Aravindha lOchanan 
(Lotus eyed Lord) and is unable to be away from Him even for a 
micro-second. She is simply not worried about her mother and the family 
and also the names that she has earned for us.

11.  ThiruukOLUr Perumaan is the like the Greatest wealth earned. About 
that Madhusoodhanan, Sri SadagOpar of Thirukkurugoor has sung 1000 
pAsurams. Out oh those 1000, readers of these ten will rule even Parama 
Padham. (Sri Vaikuntam)  (means: they will be liked and be dear to all 
those at Parama Padham). 

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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