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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.6- She lost her beauty by falling for His Beauty!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 22:02:53 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr's last decad was from the friend of ParangusanAyaki and the 
friend, too agreeing to the condition of status of ParangusanAyaki. This 
set of ten is from the mother of ParangusanAyaki, who is deeply 
concerned, worried and cries seeing her daughter suffering and 
languishing for Emperumaan. She sees her darling daughter getting pale, 
thin, loosing her weight, loosing her hair, etc., due to her being 
separated from Emperumaan. It is the worried mother's words on her 
darling daughter's sufferings. 

1. My daughter, who has got the beautiful, curly, long hair, that is 
supplemented by most fragrant flowers, has lost herself totally in the 
most auspicious attributes and guNAs of Emperumaan and His 
leelAs/beauty. That Emperumaan "Azhagiya MaNavaaLan" is the One who came 
as Vaamanan and measured the entire universe. He is of dark, black cloud 
similar to that of dark clouds. She has lost in Him and has even lost 
her bangles (due to her body getting thin, they have fallen off!)

2. Bhagawaan has got the five weapons (panchAyuthams). In His hands, He 
has sanghu (Conch), Bow, Sword, ChakrA, Maze, etc.. He has got the red, 
beautiful, round, lips like bimbhA fruit and the Most Beautiful red 
lotus like large eyes. He has the Most fragrant honey dripping ThuLasi 
maalai in His Head. My daughter has lost herself in His ThirumEni 
azhaghu (Divine Beauty). Due to that, she has lost her beauty and has 
lost her "ma niRam" ("maamai niRam) beautiful brownish complexion. She 
has become pale due to her languishing. (Bhagawaan, with the Beauties of 
His ornaments, of His limbs, and of His GuNAs, has made her beauty less 
and become pale with failures in front of His beauty/complexion!)

3. That black coloured emperumaan during the Cosmic cycle end, had 
swallowed the entire universe and retained it to protect the same. 
Within such a small space in His stomach, He had retained the vast, Big 
universe. He was so small as Kutti Chinna KaNNan, but He has the Great, 
Big calibre and capacity as His guNA to save all of us and protect us 
and He has the Divine ChakrA in His hand. He is the small butter thief! 
My girl has lost her heart for that little, Big beauty! For that Great 
Lord, my girl has lost her greatness and pride! ( Beautiful! One can 
visualize the mother of a teenage girl who has fallen in love with the 
Lord and is suffering so heavily! It is a great anubhavam! If it is some 
human being, the mother would have brought him to the girl! Alas! she is 
looking for the Lord!- ANdAL says: maanidavarkkenRu pEcchupadin 
vaazhgillEn"- Even if there is talk to link (marry me off) to a human 
being, I can not live. It is not "I will not". It is "I just can Not". 
Automatically, my jIvan will go off!- ANdAL ANdAL thaan. so sweet! 
Afterall our mother! She has to be so shweet like us!

4. Bhagawan, created BrahmA in His Navel. He is the MaNavaaLan, who 
measured the entire wealthy universe. My girl has lost herself in Him, 
who went as a messenger for Pancha Paandavaas. She has lost her beauty 
by falling for His Beauty and she has lost her character even, by 
thinking of His character/guNAs. 

5. Emperumaan Sriman Narayanan, taught brahmA the vEdAs, (that proclaim 
the Primordial Chief as Sriman Narayana). That Great peerless Lord 
brought the Earth up during His Varaaha avataar. He lied down on the 
waters when the water surrounded everywhere during PraLaya kaalam.  For 
such Greatest Deva piraan, my girl has fallen in love and lost herself. 
The Beuatiful long haired girl of mine, whom everyone envies for her so 
beautiful and knowledgeable, now has lost her knowledge(means she has 
become foolish.)

6. Emperumaan has got the four broad shoulders that can grant anything 
like the kaRpakaa tree of DevalOkA. He has got the most fragrant flowers 
adorning His head. His hands are like the freshly just bloomed Lotus 
Flowers and are so Beautiful and lovely. (Looks like the maamiyaar 
(mother-in-law) also has fallen for the maappiLLai). My creeper like 
beauty, my girl, has lost her beautiful eyes in Him (means her eyes have 
lost their charm due to her suffering and spending sleepless nights). 
Now her body is no more under her control due to her mad love for Him.

7. Bhagawaan has got various most beautiful ornaments most matching to 
His body. He lies down on AdhisEshA as His Bed. For that KaNNan, who has 
got the most Beautiful Red Lotus like hands and legs, my girl has fallen 
in love! and has lost her beauty! (NampiLLai tells so beautifully about 
this pAsuram: By showing Himself the ornaments that can be removed, 
Emperumaan has trapped her captured her and she has lost her 
"irremovable" Beauty of her body, languishing for the Lord- adadaaa! 

8. The asurA went inside the tree and hence, KaNNan befelled the 
"kuruttha" tree itself and killed the asurA. He also kicked and killed 
the sakatAsurA, who rolled in the guise of wheel. The same MaNaaLan, 
sucked the life of BhUthanai, as if He is sucking her breastmilk, (when 
she came in to kill the infant KaNNan with her poisonous milk). For His 
such wonderful, marvelous actions and leelAs, she has lost her greatness 
( her character!) (He showed all His masculine strength and valour and 
she lost all her femininity!)
9. Bhagawaan did His make-up and dressed so well as a little cute 
Brahmachaari during His Vaamanavataar and came in wonderful Vesham. He 
has got the huge, mountain-like shining, Divine Body. He is the Most 
Beautiful Lord to be looked at enjoyed and has got unbounded, limitless, 
infinite amount of Beauty and greatness in His guNAs. He is Sri 
Ramapiraan. For such a great beauty, my beautiful, cute girl has lost 
her Beauty.

10. Emperumaan has got the Most Fragrant garland on His long haired 
head. He fought with Mushtikan and chANUran and killed with His valour 
and strength of His shoulders. He is inside all beings and non-beings as 
the in-dweller (antharyaami). But still, He never gets bound by the 
karmAs of those beings. For that wonderful, mysterious Lord, the Most 
respected One, My daughter has lost her respect. (by falling in love 
with Him)
(Here NampiLLai says: AzhwAr, through' the mother of ParangusanAyaki, 
explains the Parathvam, Archai, Antharyaami and mentions that He is the 
Only One to save us!)

11. About Emperumaan, Sri VenkatEsar, who is at ThiruvEnkatam, the place 
surrounded by most beautiful, most fragrant gardens- Sri SadagOpar has 
sung in praise of Him. Out of those 1000, readers of these ten will get 
mahAnubhavam of Nitya sUris.

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigalE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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