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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.5- You have lost her; She has gone beyond our reach!

From: Madhavakkannan V (srivaishnavan_at_HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Thu May 21 1998 - 03:15:39 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

AzhwAr, in his last decad, 6.4, described about Emperumaan and His 
guNAs. Now this decad is based on the nAyikA bhAvam. This ten is based 
as if it is ParAngusanAyaki's friend speaks to the mother that she 
(ParangusanAyaki) is gone for ever. She has fallen for the lord of 
Tholaivillimangalam and His beauty/guNAs. Don't try to advise her 
against what she is upto. It is impossible for her to listen to you  and 
do anything other than involving herself on the Lord. It is even better 
for you, mothers, to follow her way instead (for your own benefits and 
redemption). (yet another excellent set from our Greatest Deatest "our 
AzhwAr" ! Enjoy!)

1. Oh Mothers! (Why is this plural? - I was wondering. May be, AzhwAr is 
such a gifted blessed child, that the entire Thirukkurugoor feels that 
He is their dearest son.) This girl has fallen in love with 
Thirutholaivillimangalam Divya dEsasthalam and the Lord of that sthalam. 
Right since that separation from Him, she has been paying obeisance to 
that Lord with folden hands. There are many huge halls with emerald 
stones impregnated on the walls. She is unable to take her eyes off from 
those beautiful walls. Having reached that stage, you can not get her 
back.  Don't have that desire to change her now. She is beyond all of 
that. (Please do not interrupt her enjoyment of such blissful beauty of 
the Lord). Look at her! She has been weeping and sobbing heavily with 
tears rolling down her cheeks continuously, saying "white Sanghu", 
ChakrA, Red Lotus Eyes etc., and keep thinking of Him only. (here in ths 
pAsuram, when AzhwAr writes "tholaivilli mangalam thozhum" means: paying 
obeisance to tholaivillimangalam with folded hands, he refers to sarIram 
(body). Sanghu, chakrA- like that uttering continuously, AzhwAr refers 
to vaak (saying). When AzhwAr mentions crying sobbing and with tears, 
thinking of the Lord- he refers to manam (mind).)

2. Tholaivillimangalam is filled always with various musical sounds and  
sounds of vedic hymns. The One who speaks like a nectar about the Lord, 
you all have taken her away from that place. Now she has been thinking 
of that Lord only. You all can not think of getting her back at all. 
There is no use i dsuch desires. She is standing like a statue (unable 
eo even enjoy the Bhagavadh vishyam that needs to be enjoyed.) She is 
also behaving like a paripoorNa jnAni. When she talks she says "Deva 
dEva piraan" and she sobs with a twisted mouth and full of tears in her 
eyes, her heart melting and longing deeply for Him.

3. The fertile banks of river ThaamirabharaNi is even eroded by the 
beautiful gardens and trees of Tholaivillimangalam Divya dEsam and it is 
so exquisitely beautiful. This girl of yours has left you and taken 
shelter at this sthalam. The whole world is praisinh her actions and her 
(spritual) ecstatic talks and you are NOT ONLY not enjoying her ecstasy 
but also tries to prevent her from doing the same. In the process, she 
has no attachment to you and you yourself have made her go away from 
you. Now, her deisre for Emperumaan has increased tremendously and she 
has been melting talking about Him, the DevadEva piraan. She is 
narrating the Beauty of His lying down so gracefully on ThiruppaaRkadal 
(Milk Ocean), the way He measured the whole Universe and all directions 
in one step, the way He performed the leelAsduring KrishNAvataar, - all 
that she has been talking about with full of tears with Great 
mahAnubhavam, with her heart melting with much ecstasy.

4. Thirutholaivillimangalam is a Divya sthalam, which is always filled 
with the Divine recitation sound of Vedic hymns and such Vedic scholars 
reside there. After seeing that Divya dEsam, she has lost her feminine 
quality of shyness ("naaNam") completely. It is just not possible for us 
to tell some hitham and advise her; she has gone beyond all that. All 
her talks are always on the names of The Black Beauty, The Dark, Blue 
hued, Ocean colour, KaNNan only. She calls Him Piraan due to her being 
allured by the Beauty of His Divya ThirumEni (Body). With signs of no 
exretion, she has been telling His names and gets moved greatly doing 
that. (She does not have shyness nor embarassment that she is showing 
her love for Him in front of her mother). Her body gets weak thinking of 
KaNNan so lovingly.

5. She has got soft, tender, smooth beautiful face. She had so much love 
for the Lord and you all showed this Divya dEsam; she is now trapped in 
His beauty of this Divya Desam sthalam. Oh Mother! Hence, you have 
already lost her. She is always on thoughts about Him only. She has lost 
herself in His beauty. He shines so brightly and beautifully much above 
the quantum of lustre of His ornaments (due to His own shining Body). 
>From the day she saw His such Great shining Beauty, her tears are 
flowing down the cheeks like rains. She keeps looking at that direction 
where Devapiraan is there and is paying obeisance to Him, with her mind 
lost in Him and His guNAs completely.

6. Thirutholaivillimangalam is at the north bank of the river 
ThaamirabharaNi. Wherever you see, there are only plants of sugarcane, 
fields of paddy, all trying to compete with each other in their growth. 
It is so fertile. Oh Mother! This girl is looking at no other place but 
Tholaivillimnagalm only. At all time, uniterruptedly, she has been 
uttering that MaNivaNNan's Thirunaamams (Divine names) only that signify 
His Beauty and GuNAs.

7. Oh Mother! Did you see her? When we taught her little words and small 
easy names (of the Lord) she couyld not even pronounce them properly; 
she was so young, little, girl. Now she has overtaken all of us; She is 
beyond our reach. This beautiful girl, whose beauty is like that of deer 
and the peacock, is just capable of hearing only "tholaivillimangalam" 
and nothing else. Is it due to her puNyams accrued from her past births? 
Or is it His yet another leelA? I do not know. Now all that she know is 
to talk perennially and correctly the symbols and names of the Lord of 
Tholivillimangalam. ("avan chinnamum thirunaamamum"- 1. Emperumaan's 
snghu and chakrA are referred to as the symbols (chinnam); 2. 
Thirunaamam (name): The Lord's names like Aravindha lOchanan, DevadEva 
piraan. NampiLLai enjoys as: When AzhwAr utters the names and symbols, 
they get more benefitted and more sacred! like a. When Bhattar called 
Sri RanganAthA, "Azhagiya MaNavaaLa Perumaan" He got benefitted. b. Sri 
RamanujA was called by SomAjiaaNdaan as Emeprumaanaar, that name got 
benefitted. c.Ananthaazhwaan used to call Sri VenkatEsa as 
"ThiruvEnkadamudaiyaan". What an anubhavam of NampiLLai!

8. Tholaivillimangalam- Since the place, located at the northern bank of 
river ThaamirabharaNi,  is filled entirely with the reverberating Vedic 
hymns and continuous performances of Yaaghams, there was huge wealth and 
fertility. This large black eyed beautiful girl, is looking at that 
Divya dEsam aways with folded hands, and is calling the Lord's name as  
"Aravindha lOchanA!" and melts uttering that name with great ecstasy and 
enjoyment.  (Aravindha lOchanan- Lotus eyed Lord- ThaamaraikkaNNan. 
Tholaivillimanagala perumaaL's name is also AravindhalOchanan.)

9. This girl, everyday, is sobbing and weeping continuously with great 
Bhakti and longing for the Lord- with the mouth stuttering and 
stammering due to her emotional anubhavam and suffering; the eys welled 
with tears; even the trees pitying this girl's emotional sufferings,- 
She is calling the Lord with loud voice, "MaNivaNNA!". This lord of 
Tholaivillimangalam is the One who killed the kesi (asurA, who came as a 
horse to kill KaNNan). She keeps uttering Tholaivillimangalam, 
Tholaivillimangalam, and she pays obeisance to that stalam by looking 
continuously in that directions, with folded hands, plams glued to each 
other, offering shraddhaanjali. Didn't she get this only after she came 
to know about this sthalam?
(When Embaar was asked as to how the trees can pity ParaangusanAyaki's 
emtional suffering and languishing, Embaar replied: We, great sinners- 
the ones who do not even carry out yamam, niyamam, etc., and are 
digressing away from saastraas, are able to get moved to such an extent 
rreciting AzhwAr's pAsurams and his (her?)feelings, is it not possible 
for a tree that lived during his time to experience what AzhwAr says or 
feels?.  Dearest sisters and brothers, A Great anubhavam of Embaar!  - 
NampiLLai has said that even achEthanAs like the tree gets moved - we 
need not say about chEthanAs; naturally all those who lived at 
Thirukkurugoor would have enjoyed and experienced the same. LUCKY 
PEOEPLE!  AzhwAr becomes the father and mother to the entite Kurugoor to 
lead them and help them experience the way he does! - That is why 
MadhurakaviAzhwAr calls NammAzhwAr as "annaiyaay atthanaay...." (mother 
and father to him). 

10.  (When we see her experiencing and longing for Him to such an 
extent, we even get a doubt if she is one of Piraatis Herself?). Is she 
Nappinaai Piraatti Herself? Or BhUmipiraatti? Or going across such mad 
love after the Lord! Is she Periya Piraatti Herself? This is a great 
wonder! She calls Him as Nediyaa maalE! (Oh Big, VishNU!) And He stays 
permanently at Tholaivillimangalam, listening to her call and obeying 
her order. She prostrates at this sthalam with her head touching the 
ground. When she loves to hear the name of this sthlam.

11. Considering DevadEvapiraan as his mother, father, AzhwAr sang 1000 
pAsurams, with his manas, vaak, and kaayam (mind, words and 
body(actions)), as means. Out of those 1000, the readers of these ten 
VAIKUNTAM. (here, two meanings are interpreted by AchAryAs: 1. AzhwAr, 
the person from Thirukkurugoor, considered Deva Devapiraan as mother and 
father and sang these pAsuams. 2. AzhwAr, the mother and father of 
Thirukurugoor people, sang these pAsurams on Deva dEva piraan. IN FACT, 
After all, He is Our AzhwAr! NammAzhwAr!)

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLe SaraNam


Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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