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mANiccka KoNdai for Sri Boomi dEvith thAyAr Cassette prasAdham update

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 05:30:50 PDT

Dear Oppiliappan bAktthALS,

Today is vaikasi Sravanam. The cassette prasAdhams have
been delivered to many and a few good friends have
acknowledged the receipt of cassette in good condition
as well. Some of you had indicated to adiyEn that they
would prefer to receive it directly in person from a
oppiliappan bhakthAL (adiyEn) at pittsburgh during the
conference and someone is coming to Annarbor to receive it
from adiyEn's home as well.  However, some of you have
not sent your mailing addresses to either adiyEn or Sri Sadagopan.
adiyEn still need postal mailing address for a few so
that my kaimkaryam of sending the oppiliappan devotional
songs tapes as a prasAdham to the donors will be fulfilled.
So the following persons, please reply to me at with your mailing (not email) addresses.

***************************Need mailing addresses************************
1. Sriman Rajesh BharadvAj of Illinois

2. Sriman Ram Kesavan

3.Sriman Ramagopal V. Mudumbi and
   Srimathi Padmavathi Mudumbi of Idaho

4.Srimathi Vijayalakshmi Raghunathan and
   Sriman Parthasarathy Raghunathan of California

5.Sriman Chatari S.Ramesh and
   Srimathi T.V. Sudha Ramesh of Colorado

6.Sriman Govindarajan Rengarajan of Texas

7.Sriman Balaji Soundararajan of California

8.Sriman Cadambi Sriram of Canada

9.Sriman and Srimathi Madurai G.Sriram of California

10.Srimathi Manjula Sriram and
   Sriman Sriram of Wisconsin

11. Sriman R.Deepak and Srimathi Priya Deepak of
   Marietta , Georgia

12. Sriman Cadambi Sriram and Srimathi Kalpana Sriram
   of Toronto, Canada .
13. Sriman Lakshmi Srinivas Of Michigan and five of
   his friends as a group from acros sthe USA
14. Sriman Kesavan Kannan of Gaithersburg, Maryland
15. Srimathi Indira Prathivadi of Maryland
16. Ram Kesavan (

Hoping to receive your addresses asap.
Sri BoomAdEvi samEtha Sri Oppiliappan thiruvadikaLE saraNam
Sampath Rengarajan

:cc Sri V.Sadagopan