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Sri Ahobila Muth's 600th anniversary

From: Bharadwaj, Jaganath (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 10:28:33 PDT

SrimatE Lakshmi Nrsimha ParabrahmaNE namah:
SrimatE SaThakOpAya namah:
SrimatE RamanujAya namah:
SrimatE VEdAnta GuruvE namah:
SrimatE Adivan Satakopa Yateendra MahadESikAya namah:
SrimatE SrivaN SaThakOpa Sri VEdAnta dEsika yatIndra MahAdESikAya namah:
SrimatE Sri Lakshmi nrsimha divya pAduka sEvaka SrivaN SaThakOpa Sri
nArAyaNa yatIndra MahAdESikAya namah

Sri Ahobila Muth and SDDS will be celebrating its 600th anniversary
celebrations during the labor day weekend of Sept 5, 6 and 7 at its
headquarters at Sri Ranganatha Temple, 117 Demarest Mill Road, West
Nyack New York.  The program details will be announced later in this
forum.  Everyone is requested to attend this once in a lifetime event.
Those needing accommodation and ride from the airports, please contact or by the beginning of August.  The
program includes, besides special presentations on the life of the
Acharyas of Sri Ahobila Muth, answers to questions about Srivaishnavism
by vidwans who have done Kalakshepam and a carnatic music concert on
Annamacharya Kritis.  All donations and collections will be used for the
construction of Sri Ranganatha Temple.

The Mutt in India will be celebrating this event as well around the
thirunakshatram of Sri AdivaN SaThakOpa YatIndra Mahadesikan on Sept
11th.  This will be followed by a special Kalakshepam by 4 Mahaans for
25 scholars each on Sri Bhashyam, Gitabhashyam, Rahasya Traya Saram and
Bhagavad Vishayam for about a year each.