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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.4- KaNNA! KaNNA! kaNNA! What else do I need?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 03:38:08 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

we enjoyed AzhwAr's Oppiliappan pAsurams in the last ten. Now, AzhwAr is 
fully immersing himself in KaNNan's leelAs during His KrishNAvataar. He 
enjoys the incidents and bhagawaan's wonderful plays as if they happened 
in front of his eyes. He claims that there is none equal to him for his 
most extensive enjoyment of His KrishNa leelAs. 

1. Bhagawaan, when He appeared as KrishNA, He joined His hands with the 
cowherd girls and danced with them.  He lifted the huge, big, Govardhana 
mountain, with His little finger and protected His people and the cattle 
during the heavy rains. In the middle of deep pond, He danced on the 
thousand heads of KaaLinghan and drove away that snake. (Sri KrishNa 
prEmi in his upanyaasam, used to narrate ver interstingly this kaaLinga 
nardhanam: When Kutti KrishNan was fighting with that big snake with its 
1000 heads, He caught hold of its tail in His one hand and stepped on 
its one of the heads. The snake got so much angry and exhaled venomous 
air and with a big hisssss, raised its other head to lick Him. 
Immediatley Bhagawaan stepped on that head. Then some other head, and 
step on it- That is why it was such a lovely dance. Sri KrishNa prEmi 
adds with a moving, tearful, smiling face, "when one head was touched by 
the Lord's littel reddish Lotus Feet, the other heads naturally get 
jealous and each one vies with the other to get touched by His Feet and 
hence the dance. enna aRputhamaan anubhavam!- I am sure your eyes well 
with tears!). Talking such Great deeds of Bhagawaan KaNNan, my days and 
nights are being spent. I am able to enjoy His such wonderful deeds, of 
the One who lies down on AdhisEshan and am able to get rid of my 
diseases. Hence, there is absolutely no grievance for me.

2. KaNNan, playing His mellifluous music from His flute, took care of 
the cattle (which also enjoyed the Divine music from His flute- 
"kaRavaiyin KaNangaL kaal paRappittu kavizhindhiRangi seviyaatta 
gillavE"- Periyaazhwaar- when He plays, the cows and calves that are 
eating the grass, freeze their actions in order not to let those 
munching sound even disturb His Divine music and wish to get the fullest 
enjoyment). He hugged the shoulders of Nappinnai, who has got the most 
beautiful eyes like fish (keNdai meen) and who has got the most fragrant 
flowers in her hair. Contemplating such great, lovely plays of KrishNA, 
my mind has been melting. Thinking of Him and only Him, and thinking of 
my desire for Him, my time is being spent. There is none equal to me. 
(nampiLLai says: Because I am able to think what I wish and am able to 
enjoy fully what I think, even those who are Parama Padham are not equal 
to me.) 

3. KaNNan, won over thos countless rAkshasaas and killed them. The Child 
kaNNan, killed the Kuvalayaapeetam (elephant). Singing such wonderful 
acts of Kannan, I am blessed with spending my time talking about Him. 
Thinking of leelAs of Emperumaan KaNNan, who has the most beautiful 
Divine Body, I have no grievances or pains/sorrows. There is nothing 
like "I don't have this; I don't have that, etc.. (I have Him and His 

4. What else do I need when I can keep thinking of KaNNan's 
ThiruviLaiyaadalgaL (leelAs) and enjoy thinking of the same. When the 
Kutti KaNNan, (small KaNNan) does so many mischiefs and when 
neighborhood ladies complain about the stealing and mischeifs of this 
butter thief, YasOdhA, (the Most luckiest mother the world has ever 
seen) get so much vexed and angry, that she decides to tie the Lord 
(kutti - chinna kaNNan)'s stomach with a "ural". (Imagine Dearest 
sisters and brothers, Soft, tender, lovely, smooth, skin of that darling 
child kaNNan's body (stomach) was tied with a hard rope and that too 
tightly with a granite stone (ural). How painful it shoudl have been! - 
AzhwAr say "nova aaycchi uralOdaarkka irangiRRum"- ) Our darling KaNNan 
weeps silently, with eyes full of tears, red,coral, lips shivering due 
to fear and pain, (ot was acting the whole scene so naturally!). He 
also, deceived as an infant, bhUtanai, who came in to breast feed Him 
with her posisonous milk and kill Him, sucked hr whole life along with 
her poisonous milk.Great indeed is His leelA! The asura - sakatAsurA, 
who rolled in as a wheel was kicked and killed by the darling KaNNan. 
What wonders He did and How marvelous are his leelAs as a child! He is a 
"Deva kOlap piraan" (the Devas' Lord). They are not at all possible by 
humans. Afte getting myself immersed deeply in His leelAs and the 
enjoyment of the same, there is nothing that I need to attain. (In this 
pAsuram, Namjeeyar, while singing this pAsuram, gives more emphasis on 
the first word " aayacchi..." . nova means: pained. The pain 
that Lord as achild underwent getting Himself tied down to the "ural", 
and Namjeeyar loses Himself at that word and stops with that remorse 
with tears. That is narrated by his sishya, NampiLLai. AzhwAr feels the 
pain in his body when he writes "nOva" : says NampiLLai.)

5. As requested by dEvAs, Emperumaan, most willingly came down to the 
Earth and appeared as KrishNA. In the middle of darkest night, He 
appeared and as per Devaki's request, He made Himself tranferred to 
YsOdhA immediately. He made Himself completely unseen and hidden from 
Kamsaa, to fulfil His mission later and kill Kamsaa ultimately. Like 
that, He perormed so many wonderful leelAs. All of them, I am seeing, 
enjoying right from here in my place. There is no body equal to me (to 
challenge my position).

6. KaNNan split the beak of the bird asurA (pakAsurA) and killed. He 
fought with the seven oxen effortlessly and killed them to join His 
heartthrob Nappinnai. KaNNan befell the big, huge "kurundha" tree and 
killed the asurA who was inside. Such wonderful Maayavan KaNNan, also 
measured the entire universe in one step, when He came as Thrivikraman. 
Afte being blessed with such great enjoyment of his leelAs, I am now 
blessed with singing in parising of Him and His guNAs day and night, 
uninterruptedly. Since, I have been granted this great bhAgyam, there is 
no sorrow/ grievance at all for me in my mind.

7. Seeing the greatest unbearable sufferings and samsaaric ills of the 
earthly people, Bhagawaan, (parama kaaruNikO bhagawaan- the Most 
merciful Lord) KrishNan, in order to save them from all their enormous 
troubles, appeared in the body of lowly, dirty, transitory human kind. 
(what a sowlabhyan is He!- Dear Sisters and Brothers, we, on the 
contrary, after we live outside India for a year, when we go back home 
on vacation/shor trip, we are not able to even digest the  so-called 
troubles/sufferings; "cchE... enna ooru idhu. anghellam idhellaam 
kidaiyaadhu.."- - that is why He is the Lord and we are in this state.) 
Still, He is not bound by karmAs and is not affected by them. He came in 
human form to His liking, and more suitable to the occasion and in His 
Divya mangaLa ThirumEni (divine body), only for our benefits. He removed 
the enemies of His devotees and quenched His anger. Munching such 
greatest, incomparable, marvelous deeds of Emperumaan maayavan KaNNan, I 
am able to enjoy them to the fullest blissful happiness that I am 
blessed with and hence, there is none equal to me. I am a "parama bhAgya 
saali" (I am the Most Luckiest Man!). ("manap parippOdu piRanthu"- When 
the child has fallen into the well, how hurriedly and worriedly, the 
mother rushes to rescue the child, like that, the Lord, with a hurry, 
rushes to the Earth, protects the suffeeing children of His- says 

8.Emperumaan KaNNan, to the wonder and awe of even dAvAs, fought with 
bhANAsuran and cut hsi 1000 shoulders. Is it jus that? He appeared as a 
small bramachari boy and grew up so raipdly and exponentially to measure 
the entire universe in one step during His Vaamanaavataar. I am blessed 
with a bent of mind to sing and enjoy such Great deeds of my father, My 
Emperumaan. What is my problem or confusion hereafter? None. (He is not 
in this or that; Other Gods are equal; Others can save me; Will He 
actually save me? -such silly doubts/confusions are NOT in me)

9. KannA! when You drove the chariot, the seven seas, seven mountains, 
seven lOkAs were all shaking. You could get back the sons of Your 
devotee. You have done such Greatest wonders, Lord! With my tongue and 
my songs, I am blessed enough (by You) and am able to move You, who has 
got the chakrA in Your right hand and sanghu in Your left hand, and is 
of Dark blue hued colour. I am blessed with such a lucky tongue, and it 
is Your grace.   
 Who can be equal to me? (None). (NampiLLai says: When AzhwAr is so much 
moved singing in praise of Him, it seems even  the Lord Himself is moved 
and admires Himself!. adadaaa..... It seems, when Bhattar was telling 
this pAsuram's meanings in his discourse, vaNthuvarai perumAL, a devotee 
and disciple of Bhattar, asked him as to why AzhwAr had to say ChakrA in 
right hand and Sanghu in left, etc., He could have simply said "maal 
vaNNan was moved by my songs". Bhattar replied: " only when it is added 
and supplemented by such Most strongest weapons and the possessions of 
the same by SarvEshwaran, the strength and beauty of azhwAr's tongue and 
its songs are brought out.- again adadaaaa...)

10. The embodiment of patience- BhUmi piraatti- even she could not 
endure the sufferings of the world; Emperumaan KaNNan conducted the 
KurukshEthra battle and the world have less burdens. He enabled the 
gauravaas turn to ashes and at the end went to Sri Vaikuntam. Such 
ParanjOthi, I am blessed to sing in praise of His Feet and hence, there 
is none for me who is superior to Him. (From His birth, till His 
reaching Sri Vaikuntam, I am blessed to enjoy His leelAs as KrishNA.)

11. Emperumaan is the Chief of seven lOkAs. He also ate those seven 
lOkAs during PraLaya kaalam, and saved them, by spitting and bringing 
them out after the Cosmic cycle. He is there just to save us and 
undergoes all such wonderful acts to protect us. But, still, He is not 
bound by KarmAs. About such marvelous Kesavan and His Feet, 
Thirukkurugoor SadagOpar sings 1000 pAsurams (verses). Those who read 
these ten out of those 1000, will become great bhaktAs of kaNNan. 
("naayakan muzhu vEzh ulagukkumaay muzhuvEzhulagum than vaayagam 
pughavaitthu umizhmthu....")  

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLe SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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