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Re: more translations requested

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat May 16 1998 - 08:11:15 PDT

Dear Sriman Susarla : I can understand the difficulties 
in following many of the postings containing special
Sanskrit and Tamil words , which lot of us use in our 
postings . Here are some explanations .
When one uses VaishNava ParibhAshai ( Colloqualisms ) ,
it gets even more complicated .


At 06:28 PM 5/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hare Krishna. Below are more words for which I would appreciate English
>translations. Thanks in advance,
>-- K
>naadham= A sound in general ; pleasant ( musical ) sound 
          for the NaadhOpAsakAs ; Association : Naadha Brahmam ,
          naadha SiddhAntham ( worship of the Supreme thru 
          Sankeerthanam .
>sanchAram=Moving from one place to another
>PaadhukhE as in Ranganaatha PaadhukhE= the divine sandals
 of Lord RanganAthA ; the ones wiht a toe hold .
>ThiruviNNagar= the celestial city of the Lord , Sri Vaikuntam .
 Sri Rengarajan has given a deeper description of my native place .
>vibhUtis=splendour , superhuman power , riches 
 ( typically the Lord's auspicous qualities ) . Nithya Vibhuthis 
   refere to the riches of Sri Vaikuntamthat are eternal )
>sarvAdhipathya= supermacy and Lordhip ober all
>kaimkaryam=literally service ; in the context of
 the Lord is the loving service to the LOrd and His 
 BhagavathAs . 
>praNaya rOsham= anger of one lover over the other's
 let down . RadhA's anger at her Lord over dalliance 
 with other gopis . 
>Bhgawadh Vishayam= refers to matters related to 
 Bhagavan in general and the 4,000 Tamil Verses 
 of the 12 God-Intoxicated AzhwArs in particular
 describing their mystical experience in search
 of Sriman NaarAyaNa and finding Him .
>"ammaanaik kaay"= the dried seeds used in a game played 
  by young girls
>NambhI= Sri Rengarajan has given a detailed
 intrepretationof a word with enormous deopths of meaning .
>sowseelyam=Excellence of disposition , Upright
 moral character ; MOST VIRTUOUS .

>nAyikA bhAvam= The role of the Mistress oe wife or
 the heroine of poetic composition of the AzhwArs 
 when they convert themselves in their minds as 
 the prototypical woman in search of thier Lord 
 and express in anguish their suffering at separation
 from their Naayakan ( Lord ) or express their joy
 in union with Him as thier Naayakan . NammAzhwAr
 and Thrumangai Azhwar created moving paasurams,
 when they assumed the role ofthe Lord's mistress .
>ThiruvaNvaNdoor= the name of one of the 108 Divya Desams 
 sung by NammAzgwAr in today's KeraLaa .