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Re: more translations requested

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 06:20:38 PDT

On May 14,  6:28pm, Krishna Susarla wrote:
> Subject: more translations requested
> Hare Krishna. Below are more words for which I would appreciate English
> translations. Thanks in advance,

> ThiruviNNagar

In sanskrit it is referred in purAnAms as vyOma puri. Ie, the world of ether
space or aKAsa lOgam. "viN" in tamil means sky or cosmic space. "Nagar" in
tamil means "city" or capital or extended usage as lOgam or world.
This refers to Oppiliappan Koil near kumbakonam intamil nadu. Lord oppiliappan
is known as vyOma puri Eesan. ie. Eswaran of the entire ether space and cosmic
universe. He is addressed so to denote the thiruvikkrama avathAram during which
He conquered and took possession or title of the viN ulagam or vyOma puri which
he already owned anyway.

> NambhI

Nambi is the first the name of any achAryAn and the name of the Lord of thiru
naRaiyoor known as Srinivasa perumal of nAchiyAr koil near kumbakonam. He was
the achAryan for thirumangai AzhwAr as he initiated him with thirumanthiram and
pancha samakram or samAsrayEnam.

The name nambi in sankrit is referred as "pooraNA". ie., One who has complete
knowledge in HIMself abou the eswarathuvam. This is the reason we rever
achAryAL as perumAL's incarnation HIMself. There is a lineage of achAryALs who
had a titile connected to their name as "so and so - nambi" named after the
Lord of
nAchiyAr kOil symbolising the authority bestowed on them by the Lord to
initiate others into Srivaishnavam. This is also to denote that they are
pooraNars themselves and as well they are achAryALS themselves. The other
meaning for nambi in tamil means "one who believes in or one who has faith" and
also "one on whom our faith or belief is totally rested on for salvation". It
is derived from the tamil word "nambikkai" for belief or faith. Nambi when used
as vinaip peyar is also used to address dependancy. ie.,when we say in tamil
"Unnai nambi irukkirEN" means I depend on You for salvation. No doubt
AkinchanAs such as ours depend on achAryAs and Lord for our salvAtion.

adiyEn hopes that others will reply for the other words.

Ramanuja dAsan Sampath Rengarajan