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Re: Thiruvaaimozhi 6.3- Ponnappan, MaNiappan, Mutthappam...
Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 00:59:57 PDT

SrI "Madhavakkannan V" <> writes:

> 2.The sorrows and pleasure that one experiences in this world are all
> Emperumman only. The confusion and worry (that comes due to our not
> getting something that we wish) and the satisfaction (that we obtain
> accomplishing what we desire) is all He alone. The anger and the cool
> (mind) is He. Is that alone? He is the One who gives so much heat
> simultaneously He is the One who cools as a shadow.(like what He was
> during NrusimhAvataar as agni to HiranYakasipu and the cool moon to
> Prahlaada). Like that Emperumaan who is there in such opposite things
> A RARITY to be understood and seen. He is the One who rules me. that
> ruler of mine stays gracefully at ThiruviNNagarm. (Periyavaacchaan
> PiLLai interprest the confusion and worry as the anjnAnam (ignorance)
> and the satisfcation as the jnAnam (divine knowledge)). (Here AzhwAr
> says in this "kaNdu kOdarkaRiya Perumaan" -means the One who is not
> possible to be seen, while in the last pAsuram, he says "palvagaiyum
> parandha perumaan" means: The One who manifests in everything.
> i.e: Ther  is nothing in which He does NOT exist.
>  If there is an object or any  matter, He is in that.)

Caitanya Mahaprabhu teaches something similar in His wonderful little

 "na dhanan na janam na sundariim kavitaam vaa jagadiisha kaamaye
  mama janmani janmani iishvare bhavataad bhakti: ahaitukii tvayi "

 "O Lord! I do not desire wealth, followers such as wife, sons, friends
  relatives, or mundane knowledge expressed in poetic language.
  My only desire, O Lord, is that birth after birth I may have ahaituki
  bhakti unto Your Lotus Feet".

  "Ahaituki Bhakti" is defined as having the following characteristics:
     1. phalaanusandhaana rahita - it is devoid of all result seeking
     2. cinmaya svabhaava aashraya - it is fully transcendental and
                                     in nature.
     3. krshhNaanada ruupa - it gives pleasure to shrii krshNa
     4. shudhha - it is pure
     5. kevalaa - it is exclusive
     6. amishra  it is unmixed
     7. akincana - it is free from all material attachments.

   ie Caintanya Mahaaprabhu prays -
   Until the cycle of birth and death is terminated by the will of
   let me have ahaituki-bhakti unto His lotus feet birth after birth,
   regardless of my material circumstances - this is my only prayer.

King Kulashekara also expresses the same thing:

naaham vande tava craNayo: dvandvam advandva heto:
kumbhiipaakam gurum api hare naarakam naapanetum
ramyaa raamaa mrdu tanu taltaa nandane nabhirantum
bhaave bhaave hrdaya bhavane bhaavayeyam bhavantam

naathaa dharme na vasunicaye naiva kaamopabhoge
yad yad bhavyam bhavatu bhagavaan purva karmaanuruupam
etad praarthyam mama bahumatam janma jnamaantare api
tvat paadaambhoruha yuga gataa nishcalaa bhaktirastu

"O Lord Hari, I do not pray to Your lotus feet to obtain liberation.
 I do not pray for deliverance from hell known as Kumbhiipaaka or any
 dreadful hell. I do not pray to enjoy the company of exquisitely
 damsels in the Nandana-kaanana pleasure gardens of the heavenly
 I only pray that life after life I can meditate upon you in the temple
 of my heart with great love"

" O Bhagavaan, I have no regard for varNaashrama dharma, which consists
  pious activities related to the body and mind. i have no desire to
  accumulate wealth, nor to enjoy material pleasure. Whatever reactions
  i am destined to suffer or enjor for the activities of my previous
  let them come. My only prayer is that in birth after birth I may have
  unflinching prema-bhakti toward Your lotus feet"