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Request for flight details and/or phone numbers

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 21:09:57 PDT

A request to those of you planning on attending Sri Tridandi Jeear's
Seminar on SriVaishnavam here in Denver: please send me your travel details
and the number of people that will be attending with you as soon as
possible, so that we may make arrangements for your accomodations.

Also, Sri Sampath Rengarajan has set the precendent of offering to provide
his assistance if needed to Sri Jeear Swamy and his delegation of priests
when they visit the Detroit Area.   If you are interested in engaging in
similar bhAgavatha kainkaryam (providing transportation, participating in
bhagavad arAdhanai, etc.) when Sri Jeear Swamy visits your area, please
send me your telephone number.  I will compile a list of names and numbers
and forward them to Sri Jeear Swamy and to JETUSA.

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