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Re: Raamaayana question

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 16:21:26 PDT

From: <>

>I  also heard something similar from a  Sri Vaishnava devotee that
>Ravana could never actually touch Sita as She was protected by Agni
>So Ravana cleverly scooped up earth underneath and around where Sita was
>Members could authenticate this version of the story.

I think the last part is either from Tulasi dasa' Rama-charita-manasa (the
so-called Tulasi das Ramayana) or it was what Ravana did after his vehicle
was destroyed by Jataayu.

From: Parthasarati Dileepan <>

>I have a question about Maya Sita.
>According to Sri vaishnava tradition Trijadai's surrendered to Sita Piratti
>and Piratti granted mOksha for her and her cohorts.  If the SIta in Ashoka
>Vanam was a Maya Sita how can this episode be explained?

If that Maya Sita was in fact an amsha of the real Sita (as one devotee here
stated), then this would not be hard to believe. Then again, I'm still
curious as to why a Maya Sita who is actually an amsha of Sita would take
Sita's place when the issue is that Sita cannot be separated from Rama, etc.
I think I will try to look up Ramayanam to see what is stated there about
Ravana touching Sita, etc.


-- HKS