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The Butter Thief

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 17:35:02 PDT

This is a nice verse posted by one devotee on the Back to Godhead mailing

zriyaH pate tvaM nava-nIta-cauraH
payaH su-cauraH para-dAra-cauraH
strI-vastra-cauraH sura-vRkSa-cauraH
saMsAra-cauraH sakalAdhi-cauraH

"O Lord of Shri, you are a thief of freshly churned butter.
You're an expert thief of milk, and a thief of others' wives!
You're a thief of the gopi's clothes, as well as a thief of
demigods' trees. You steal way material existence, and indeed
everything else that exists!"

Hare Krishna!

-- HKS