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From: R.Balaji (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 00:37:09 PDT

Dear friends,

One kind and appreciative member on the list has read my post on
"nrsimha-jayanti" and "kamAsikAshtakam" and pointed out to me privately
that the verse I had dealt with (bandhumakhilasya ..."etc.) is not
Stanza 3 but Stanza 4 of Swami Desikan's hymn.

I thank him for pointing out the error and I am sorry for it.

The member also raised a very pertinent point. "From the general drift
of your comments on "bandhumakhilasya janto-ho"", he says, "it would
appear as though the Lord makes no real distinction between good, evil
and indiferent "jantus" of the world and treats them all alike. Is this
not a rather amoral and un-scriptural view to take ?" 

I commend the member's extremely sharp sense of critical appreciation.

I have no ready response to him but I am sure I'll come up with one

Meanwhile, I have the member's permission to post his query on the list
and seek the views and comments of other members.

Please do get the discussion going.