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Who is a gnyAni ?

From: R.Balaji (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 00:19:42 PDT

Dear friends,

I have recd. some extremely interesting private mails from a few members
reacting to my last post on "gnyAni-s" and "gnyAni-varga"!! 

It has a set a whole new thought-process rolling, as far as I am

I humbly request other members (both the talented young ones and revered
seniors like Sri.Sadagopan and Sri.Anbil Swamy)on the list to please
share their own thoughts on the following :

(1)what are the qualities and traits of a true "gnyAni"?

(2)On the basis of the literature of our scriptures and "puranas" and
"itihasAs", please indicate one, and ONLY ONE, personage you think lived
up to your definition of a "gnyAni" and give clear reasons why.

(3) Indicate also one contemporary personage (either living or who lived
not too far in the distant past) who could be said to be a true
"gnyAni". And why you think so.

You may choose to post your answers either on the List or to me
privately, as you wish. 

adiyEn will be very grateful for your thoughts.