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e: Raamaayana question
Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 16:17:28 PDT

Sri Krishna Susarla wrote:

> As Siita and Raama are thus to be considered of the same nature (in
> words, both are transcendental, they do not posess material bodies),
it is
> not possible for Raavana or any materially-conditioned being to harm
> of them. The idea of Raavana even touching Mother Siita is simply
> by Gaudiiya Vaishnavas for the very reason that she is the Pleasure
> of the Lord, and simply cannot be removed from Him by any means.

I  also heard something similar from a  Sri Vaishnava devotee that
Ravana could never actually touch Sita as She was protected by Agni
So Ravana cleverly scooped up earth underneath and around where Sita was
Members could authenticate this version of the story.