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Re: distinction between advaita and visishtadvaita philosophies

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 16:06:52 PDT

Dear Sri Vivek

If you follow tamil, then you can take a look at the work of Sri Pillai
Lokacarya, known as
Navavidha Sampantham. The work can be summarized as follows:

Navavidha Sampantham describes nine kinds of relationships that man has
with God:

1. The relationship between father and son.
2. The relationship between the protector and protected.
3. The relationship between master and servent.
4. The relationship between husband and wife.
5. The relationship between the person who understands and the object
that is understood.
6. The relationship between the owner and his property.
7. The relationship of body and soul.
8. The relationship of the thing that is dependent and the things on
which it depends.
9. The relationship between the person who enjoys and the thing that is

Sir Pillai lokacarya says that understanding the intricacies of these
nine kinds of relationships
is essential for the salvation of man. He also says that these nine
kinds of relationship are

you can go to page by following this link and selecting the Navavidha

It would be a great addition to the Sri Vaishnava AcaryaL's archive, if
one of the learned
members of this group can translate this work or if some one can point
me to an existing

Hope this will be of some help in your search.

Sri Pillai Lokacaryar thiruvadigalE Saranam
Jeeyar thiruvadigalE Saranam


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