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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.2- NambhI! Go away, You are a cheat! liar! Don't stay here!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 06:47:41 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

NammAzhwAr, as ParAngusanAyaki, mentioned that she does not need her 
self and her belongings, which the Lord does not want. In 5.3 
Thiruvaaimozhi, AzhwAr wanted to remove his thinking of Him since He 
never turns up. In 5.10, AzhwAr surrendered to the Lord's Feet 
helplessly and wished to enjoy His guNAnubhavam. In the last decad 6.1; 
AzhwAr sent the birds and bees as her messengers to the Lord. Like that 
she has been anxiously, eagerly waiting for the Lord and He has not 
turned up. 

Now she gets vexed and gets angry. She gets into "praNaya rOsham". She 
says there is no use in her living any more and decides to end her life. 
Immediately, she gets good omens and feels happy. But AzhwAr decides not 
to turn to Him even if He comes. She tells her friends also not to look 
at Him and talk to Him, since He has delayed so much. She has taken the 
ball, the parrot and all other playing objects away from the scene so 
that He is not given a chance to take part in their play. (Yet another 
Great anubhavam of AzhwAr) But with His exquisite beauty, His kalyANa 
guNAs, she is able to get rid of her anger (the "oodal").

Paraasara Bhattar enjoys this Thiruvaaimozhi very much and calls it the 
totality of AzhwAr's enjoyment of tastiest Bhgawadh Vishayam. AzhwAr's 
limitless, great love for the Lord has made him (or her?) get angry with 
the Lord.

1. Oh The Greatest of men! You are concentrating only on Your acts. You 
are the Maayavan, who went to LankA and killed rAvaNA! You mixed with 
them and befriended those beautiful narrow waisted girls and expressed 
Your love. Now You are after those "ammaanaik kaay" and the ball (flower 
ball). Don't take them. Keep them back. They are mine. They are not 
those girls'. Hence, leave them to me. You can not cheat me like You 
cheated them. (Here AzhwAr says: "thandhu pOghu nambhI" means: Leave 
them here and go away: i.e Since they have been touched by Your hands, 
we can get saved by their mere presence here.)

2. Oh EmperumaanE! NambhI! You need not come. Go away! Your Red Lotus 
like eyes, Red lips and the enchanting smile that comes out from that 
red mouth, are all killing us. Like this to get killed only, were we 
performing "nOnbu" (penance)? You go to other girls, who are born to get 
blessed by Your mercy. You will join Them and play with them. You will 
gather them near You with Your sweet melodious flute. You are going as a 
cow her boy to take care of the cattle and that is only a lame excuse. 
You do not play the flute for the cattle. You are playing for those 
girls, I know. The joy and happiness- You are giving them; Now, You are 
giving us trouble and sufferings. Do not stand here. You can go. (Emabr 
likes this pAsuram so much: He enjoys " we do not even have the mind to 
call Him "Come" in this world; AzhwAr is blessed to ask the Lord to go 

3. NambhI! We are used to Your lies and You can not cheat us any more 
with Your lies. You go and tell such lies to those who are gullible. 
Those poor girls (gOpis) think and assume that Your lies are Your 
truthful sincere statements. Go and talk to them. Your lips, which are 
like the bimbhA fruit (kovvaippazham), Your beautiful mouth and lips are 
all doing great harm to us. We were not aware of the difference between 
Your beautiful mouth and Your eyes. (Both speak lies.) Now we have 
understood Your intentions. Without listening to what we say, You are 
trying to distract our attention, by saying "What a beautiful shoulder 
we have" and attempt to deceive us. We know very well for whose 
shoulders You fell for. They are the ones who are so blessed to have 
Your grace. When You are so beautiful with Your lovely broad, shoulders, 
whose shoulders allured You?

4. EmperumaanE! The One who had the seven lOkAs in Your stomach during 
PraLaya kaalam and You lied down on a small leaf! Even nityasUris can 
not get to know of Your such acts. Is it possible for us to know about 
You? And talk further about You? You always go to places where beautiful 
girls (gOpis) play and pretend that You have just happened to go there 
with the cattle. Their beautiful looks arrest You and Your are not able 
to go away from them. That is why You take the cattle to where they 
play. Please do not hide Your such mischief from us and try to talk to 
us. ("emmai nee kazhaRElE"- means: We are all suffering being away from 
Him and we are languishing to see You; You don' even know what is the 
suffering like and You have no right to ask us to talk any further with 
You. Till last minute, You never showed Your self and now don't tell all 
those lies.- says nampiLLai.)

5. NambhI! Do not assume Your self as the Most truthful Chief and try to 
talk to us! Your cheating words, lies are world famous; It is not that 
we alone know about it. Even bhUlOkam and dEva lOkam know about it. Oh 
PerumaanE! The One who has the ChakrA in Your hand! I would like to tell 
You something now. Listen. " Your words are so sweet" like that don't 
tell and try to distract our talk. The actually sweet worded talkers are 
those girls (Gopis) and Your go there to remove their worries. Are we 
capable of such Grace form You? No. They only are capable of obtaining 
Your grace. Go to them (AzhwAr is getting real angry.)  You have not 
even satisfied them and left them in the middle and come over here. 
Please go there and try to remove their worries at least. Do not stay 
here and attempt to play with my bird and parrot and do not attempt to 
befriend us. We know Your deceitful words. Go away.

6. (Emperumaan, shameful of His delay, attempts to go near 
ParAngusanAyaki and her friends in the veil and some other talk to 
distract them and take their playful object. Immediately Nayaki speaks 
in this pAsuram). NambhI! Do not think that You can succeed in Your 
attempts to attract us with You veiled face and Your sweet words at us. 
Don't take our wooden toy (marappaavai) and act as if You have not taken 
it. There is no use in Your such acts and words to distract us. We know 
all about You nature and character. We have been thinking of You so 
long. Don't we know You? Don't cheat us. Your grace-is it only for us 
only? Don't talk as if You consider only us, as Your favorites. There 
are many who are capable of sitting next to You as Your favorites in all 
three worlds (like Gopis). There are many such beautiful ladies. Do not 
add fuel to the fire. Aren't they only more beautiful than we are? Then, 
why did You come here to us? You are the Chief of everyone and the 
Primordial Chief. Don't come near and tell that You are the Young 
innocent lad. Don't belittle Yourself, BhagawaanE! Even this act, You 
are doing so nicely and it suits You. (Don't tell lies - "kazhagham EREl 
nambhI"- Bhattar enjoys it so much and is full of tears rolling down his 
cheeks when he hears this line. NampiLLAi narrates Bhattar's anubhavam 
like this : Samastha kalYANa guNAthmakan- ubhaya vibhUti yukthan- 
sarvaadhikan- sarvaniyanthaa- sarvEshearan- He gets caught in between 
these four "aayar" ladies- those girls ask Him to go away- what an even! 
and The Lord does not even know what to reply and does not know how to 
stand and where to go- What a sowseelyam! Even Veda vyAsar et al would 
not have even had powers to ask the Lord to go away or stand there as 
per their wish; The One who fixes everthing and everyone and executes is 
now being directed by these cowherd ladies! ("aRivonRum illaatha 
aaykulatthu unthannaip piRavipaRundhanaip puNNIyam yaamudaiyOm".)

7. Oh Blemishless Lord, Faultless Lord! It is not Your appropriate act 
to snatch this wooden toy of ours that we play. Oh ThirumaalE! The One 
who ate the world during Cosmic Cycle end! What You do is not correct 
and wrong. Not only that. You are also playing with Your words and try 
to distract us. If our relatives come to know of Your such mischievous 
talk, they will tell that it is NOT Dharmam. They will even punish us 
for Your such stay here thinking that You are our dear one (when You are 
actually not) and one day they even may hit us with sticks.

8. EmperumaanE! You have set the world in tune and at the end join all 
chEtanAs (sentient) and achEthanAs (non-sentient) with You. Then after 
the PraLayam (cosmic cycle), You bring them out from Your stomach and 
depending on their karmAs, You are granting them births which they 
deserve. Like that You perform and are the entire flood of fame and 
personification of jnAnam. Such Greatest Lord! You come here and attempt 
to capture us with Your beauty, People and my relatives- what all will 
they not say? (Because they do not like our love for each other!) My 
friends are also calling me for playing with them. When I join them for 
playing, You appear there and immediately and allure us with Your beauty 
and sweet words (AzhwAr has mellowed and is soft now). This is not 
proper. Those who do not like us DO NOT KNOW THAT YOU STILL ARE NOT 
TRUTHFUL TO ME. So don't give them a wrong impression and go away. 

9. EmperumaanE! You have destroyed our small sand houses ("maNal veedu- 
siRRil") and our dishes and rice which we cooked (with sand). This not 
correct and proper. We were thinking that You are going to bless us with 
Your Most Beautiful kataaksham (merciful glances) from Your eyes. You 
should have captured us with Your lovely net of Your most beautiful 
eyesight and let our heats melt with enormous amount of inexplicable joy 
HOUSES WHICH WE BUILT IN THESE SANDS. We thought You will stand with 
Your beautiful smile on Your lips, admiring our home building play. We 
were in fact, looking and enjoying the sight of Your mandhahaasam 
(beautiful smile) while we were playing. You did not let us continue 
with our enjoyment and spoiled our play. Is it correct? No.

10. Oh Valorous One, The One who has the kireetam (crown) on Your Head 
most victoriously! You took ParasurAma avataar and angrily destroyed the 
KshatriyAs! The Creator of the BhUlOlA! Even during this day, You wished 
to save the cowherd group and appeared as KrishNA! Oh Black Emerald 
stone! We are now suffering due to Your deceitful talks and foul plays. 
(Even when You come, we suffer because of Your mischief; When You don't 
come also, we suffer). 

11. Emperumaan KaNNan at Thiruaayarpaadi, when the butter was found 
stolen, He was pointed at and YasOdhA scolded Him. Emperumaan KaNNan, 
with full of tears in His eyes, pleading innocence, stands helpless in 
front of YasOdhA. (What a sowlabhyan! The Great Lord, standing as a 
butter thief, and tears rolling down His cheeks. - AzhwAr's imagination 
is so wonderful, quarreling with the Lord and asking Him to "go away" as 
aayay peNN"  (cowherd girl). About such KaNNan, Sri sadagOpar has sung 
1000 pAsurams in Tamil, and out of those 1000, readers of these ten 
pAsurams, Poverty will NEVER STRIKE. (Here "No Poverty" does NOT mean 
being rich and having an apartment in the heart of the city- it means: 
Having the most precious wealth of Emperumaan's kataaksham at SrI 
Vaikuntam- HatimE hasti sailaagrE vasthu paithaamaham dhanam. "He is our 
ancestral property and wealth.)

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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