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The SrImukam of H.H. The Current Jeeyar Of Ahobla Mutt

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 20:27:58 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Two days ago I had the good fortune of receiving 
the MangalAsAsana SrImukam of the 45th Jeeyar , 
His Holiness Sri Laksmi Nrusimha Divya PaadhukA 
Sevaka SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yatheendhra 
MahA Desikan . His Holiness , the Jeeyar had 
heard the translation into Tamil of the wonderful article
in English of Our Sri Anantha PadmanAbha Daasan 
( Sri K.K.Anand) on SamAshrayaNam .

The illustrious AchAryA  was moved by the excellent 
content and the importance of this posting by his disciple . 
Inspite of the rigorous demands on his time , 
H.H , the Jeeyar took time off and dictated a four page 
letter blessing Sri Anantha PadmanAbha Daasan for his
commitment to Sri Vaishnavism and the handling of this important 
subject . 

As Sri Anand indicated ,It is extraordinary that 
H.H , the Jeeyar sends MangaasAsana Srimukams that are more than
one or two paragraphs . I got H.H , the Jeeyar's Fax , since
it was easier to reach me .  Sri Anand has not yet seen 
the MangalAsAsana Srimukam bearing the seal of 
his AchArya Paramparai : " Sri SatakOpa Sri " .
Sri Anand was eager to know about the contents
of this blessed Srimukam prior to his trip home
on Monday , May 11 . I promised to
translate this message from tamil into English
and share it with all of you  as per the wish of 
Sri Anand .

A Few of the members of the Bhakthi list 
are disciples of this AchArya paramparai .It was 600
years ago that one of the ArchA mUrthys among 
the nava NarasimhAs of Ahobila KshEthram jumped into
the hands of the First Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt , who
was initiated into SanyAsAsramam by BhagavAn Narasimhan
Himself at Ahobila KshEthram . Sriman Dileepan of our
group maintains a wonderful page on Ahobila Mutt 
and its traditions . He has also released the URL 
on a home page for Ahobilam in the context of 
the 108 Divya Desam CD ROM Project that many of
you might have seen by now. 

I will now translate verbatim to the best of my 
ability the Srimukam of H.H. , the Jeeyar 
to Sri Anand .Usually , the Jeeyar dictates these 
Srimukams and the Sri Kaaryam writes it down 
and the Jeeyar signs at the bottom as " Sri SatkOpa Sri :" 
to salute his AchArya paramparai .


CAMP : ThiruveLLUr            Date: May 7 , 1998 

This is a MangalAsAsana Srimukam from  Srimath 
ParamhamsEthyAthi Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Divya PaadhukA-
sEvaka SrivaNN SatakOpa , Sri NaarAyaNa Yatheendhra MahA Desikan ,
the 45th peetAthipathi in service at Sri LakshmI Nrusimha 
Divya AasthAanam .

Bharatha dEsam has been praised by Maharishis and 
AchAryAs as a puNya desam . Inspite of that praise ,
many in this land do not comprehend the true svarupam of 
themselves and that of the EmperumAn . As a result , 
they forget their true nature and that of the Lord and fail
to acheive the great joy that could result from serving Him .
Instead ,they become infatuated with artha Kaamam and 
run around in the manner aptly assessed by the saddened 
Kulasekara , who disassociated himself from such people . 
That AzhwAr said : " UndiyE udayE yenRu uhanthu Odum
Immandalam " ( I do not associate with the people of
this world , who spend their time gleefully chasing after 
food and clothing ) . This unfotunately is the mind set 
of a majority of the people of Bharatha Desam today .

The state of the Aasthika Sri VaishnavAs of Indian Origin 
living currently in America is just the opposite and 
their status has been praised by many mahAns (visiting me).
Our people , who have settled in America for a living
have undetaken the noble task of explaining to 
the thousands of people there the importance of
Aathma J~nAnam and are helping them realize 
spirtual awakening . We are happy to hear about this 
and are overjoyed .

In this context , I am happy to know that Sriman
K.K.Aanantha PadmanAbha Daasan has written a beautiful
monograph in English on " Pancha SamskAram " , a topic
that every Sri VaishNavan must know and understand well .

Although Sri Aannatha PadmanAbhan is quite young in age ,
his Aastheekyam is very great. This Aastheekyam has come to
him as Kula kramam . His father , Sri. Ub.Ve K.G. Krishnaswamy
Iyengar is a parama aastheekar , who is engaged in performing
significant Kaimkaryams to Sri Veeraraaghava PerumAL of 
ThiruveLLUr and Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan . It is commendable 
that Sri K.G. Krishnaswamy Iyengar's son has realized 
such high aastheekyam at such a young age.

Sri Anantha PadmanAbhan has explained in a sophisticated
way that many philanthrophic institutions use the excuse 
to just feed and cloth people and keep them lazy 
and spiritually ignorant . We believe that this monograph 
will kindle aastheekyam in many and show them 
the auspicious path.

We beleive that the people should not only read and 
benefit from this monograph , but they should also 
practise pancha samskAram and Bhara nyAsam . 

We pray for Sri MaalOlan to bless Sri Aanantha PadmanAbhan
with sarva KshEmams and to bless him to engage in 
similar auspicious kaimkaryams and have a long life
full of Vaidhika Sri . This is our MangalAsAsanam .

Sri AhObila Mutt               Sri SatakOpa Sri  
(Camp) ThiruveLLUr             H.H. The Jeer of 
May 7, 1998                    Sri AhObila Mutt