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Thiruvaaimozhi 6.1- Dwayam is comparable to Bees!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 07:41:46 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

NammAzhwAr, for the past four decads, surrendered to Emperumaan. 
Bhagawaan has been dodging him without showing Himself to AzhwAr. Hence, 
AzhwAr gets into nAyikA bhAvam, as ParAngusanAyaki requests the birds to 
proceed to ThiruvaNvaNdoor Perumaan, as messengers of AzhwAr, to convey 
his sufferings and longing and express his love for Bhagawaan. 

1. ParAngusanAyaki looks at few "kurugu" birds: Oh Kurugu birds! The 
ones who come to this flower-laden place everyday to look for your 
food!At ThiruvaNvaNdoor, the place is flooded with fully grown tall, 
paddy fields. There, at that Holy Divya dEsam, my Emperumaan is 
gracefully showing Himself so beautifully. Please go to Him and tell my 
love for Him on my behalf. He has the most strongest ChakrA in His hand 
and has got that most lovely, reddish fruit like lips and mouth. Please 
see Him and convey the love of this biggest sinner on the earth. Please 
tell Him with folded hands and with respects. 

2. My Lord, My Master, The One who is majestically staying at 
ThiruvaNvaNdoor (where Yaaghams and vEdic hymns can be seen and heard 
uninterruptedly), is The Emperumaan, who ate the world to save during 
PraLayam. Oh Crane! (naarai bird!) On my behalf, please go (along with 
your mate) to Him and prostrate at His Feet; please tell Him my state of 
affairs with folded hands and help me. (here AzhwAr says "paadham kai 
thozhudhu paNiyeer"- means: pay obeisance and prostrate at His Feet with 
your hands touching the Feet)

3. Oh Birds! The ones who flock in groups! At ThiruvaNvaNdoor, which is 
the wealthiest place (due to Emperumaan being present there), 
Emperumaan, My Bhagawaan, My Master is most beautifully staying with His 
exquisite Red mouth and has the chakrA in His hand. Please see Him and 
pay obeisance to Him with respects; Prostrate at His feet and tell Him 
my sufferings and languishing.

4. Oh youthful beautiful swans, who are always with your mates with no 
separation! Please go to ThiruvaNvaNdoor, where the Vedic hymns' 
majestic sounds reverberate the entire place uninterruptedly; Please go 
there and tell Emperumaan KaNNan  "One girl here is suffering terribly 
thinking of Him and always longing to see Him". 

5. Since you are always with your mates, you can understand and know how 
much suffering is being separated, Oh Swans! Pay obeisance to Emperumaan 
and prostrate at His Feet at ThiruvaNvaNdoor where there is fertile 
lands everywhere and where the Emperumaan has Thirutthuzhaay maalai 
(ThuLasi garland) on His head; Please praise Him on my behalf.

6. Oh cuckoos! The ones who live in those tall big trees! I am praising 
you and I am requesting this. At ThiruvaNvaNdoor, those fertile lands 
and fields are housed with small fishes dancing in the fields. There at 
such a beautiful ThiruvaNvaNdoor, Emeprumaan is so gracefully present. 
He alone, is the Chief of NitysUris. To such Lord of mine, on my behalf, 
pleaso go and ask Him what is the word for me and to save me from this 
love disease.

7. Oh Beautiful Parrot! When you go to ThiruvaNvaNdoor, please do not 
get distracted by those lovely enchanting natural scenes and picturesque 
beauty of that place, and proceed to Emperumaan who stays there. There 
at ThiruvaNvaNdoor, there are lovely gardens (with lots of flowers) on 
the seashore. At such a place, listen to Emperumaan's identification 
marks (for locating Him at ThiruvaNvaNdoor). He has got the most 
beautiful black, emerald like mountain. Red lips and mouth, Red Lotus 
like eyes, Red long hands, Red Lotus Feet -they are housed in Him. He 
has the ChakrA and Sanghu in His hands. Please look for such 
identifications and tell Him about me on my behalf.

8. Oh Beautiful small, cute poovaiyE! At ThiruvaNvaNdoor, there are lots 
of different kinds of trees, which have grown so tall. At such a holy 
place, the natural beauty, Emperumaan is majestically showing Himself 
with the great beauty of His cool Lotus eyes, long hair, four broad 
shoulders and is a huge emerald mountain like body. Please see Him and 
tell about me. Please come back and tell me His words.

9. Oh Swans that swim along with Lotuses! Are you able to hear the 
sangha nAtham (the Divine sound of Conch) in the wee hours to announce 
the arrival of dawn? Please go to that sthalam and tell Maayavan KaNNan 
my state of affairs. Please tell Him (the sufferings of this greatest 
sinner) when He is alone and is with Piraatti, else, others also will 
listen to you.        

10. Oh Fragrant VanDugaLE (Bees!) I am calling you all alone now to send 
you as my messenger. I am begging you. Please, on my behalf, go to 
ThiruvaNvaNdoor Perumaan. That Divya dEsam is there in the northern 
banks of Pampai nadhI. There, SrI Raman is majestically present and 
showing Himself. That Emperumaan Sri Raman, The Chakravartthi 
Thirumagan, has fought with the great warrior rAvaNan and killed him 
effortlessly. Please go and tell that valiant Lord of mine, "There is 
one girl, who is languishing and keeps thinking of You; with that 
thinking alone, she is surviving." (For this pAsuram, nampiLLai gives a 
MOST BEAUTIFUL INTERPRETATION: When all monkeys were sent everywhere and 
sent as messengers, Lord Sri Rama called Hanumaan alone and gave him His 
ring; how? He knows that only AnjanEyA will make it. Similarly, in the 
last pAsuram, AzhwAr calls the bees (vaNdugaL) as messengers. Also, 
nampiLLai adds that the bees (vaNdugaL) are compared to Dwaya manthram 
and will carry our message to the Lord (as a saraNAgathi manthrA). The 
bees have six legs; The Dwayam also has six legs; (1. SrIman nArAyaNa 
charaNau , 2. SaraNam. 3. PrapadyE.4.SrImathE. 5.nArAyaNAya 6.namah)

11. Vaamanan, My Emeprumaan, as a Brahmachaari, with His three-threaded 
pooNool, measured the entire world in one step. In praise of such a 
Maayavan, Bhagawaan, Sri sadagOpar has sung thousand pAsurams on 
ThiruvaNvaNdoor Divya sthalam. Those who read these ten out of his 1000 
verses will become EXTREMELY DEARER TO SRI VAISHNAVAAS. In as much as 
the beloved ones are so sweet and dear to their love, and happy to be 
with them, the same extent (or even more) Sri Vaishnavaas will be dear 
to the readers of these ten verses.

AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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