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Srimadh AchArya Srimukham for "SamAshrayaNam "

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 10:40:25 PDT

Dear Sriman NaarAyaNa BhakthAs /Sri VaishNavAs :

You might recall the most informative article on
"SamAshrayaNam " posted recently by Sriman Anand 
( Sri Anantha padmanAbha Daasan ) on the net . 
His scholarship , VairAghyam and reverence for
sampradhAyam is no accident . His father is a 
well known philanthrophist and devoted sishyA 
of Sri Ahobila Mutt Jeeyar. Sri Anand's grandfathers
are known for their extraordinary Kaimkarya Sris .
Abhinava Desika Sri UtthamUr Sawmy on the mother's side
and KaralapAkkam Sri GopaalAcchAr Swamy on the father's 
side are his grand parents. UttamUr Swami's contribution
to the Sri VaishNava sampradhAyam thru his multitudinous 
publications on our SampradhAyam are legendary.
Sriman GopAlAcchAr Swamy devoted his entire life 
to the service of Thiruvellore VeerarAghava perumAl
and reciting Divya Prabhandham . It is no wonder that 
Sri Anand has been blessed at a young age to be blessed
fully with vivEkam and VairAghyam , which is a rare combination .
This heritage needs to be stressed to understand 
the source. Generations of Bhagavdh-Bhaagavatha
kaimkaryam results in such blessings .        

I had suggested to Sri Anand to make his most valuable article 
on " SamAshrayaNam "available as a monograph and reference document 
for all the youngsters and their parents to explain the most 
fundamental of the Sri VaishNavite Sacred rites . He was 
very kind and gave his permission . He also agreed generously
to use the proceeds of the sale of that manuscript towards
the Sri Ranganaatha Swami Temple construction at Pomonona , NY .
This is great news . I thank him deeply . 

Today , I am thrilled to receive a four page Srimukham
( auspicious letter )from His Holiness the 45th Jeeyar of 
Ahobila  Mutt , Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha PaadhukhA sevaka
SrivaNN SatakOpa Sri NaarAyaNa Yatheendra MahA Desikan 
via Fax . He has blessed this timely and welcome work of 
Sri Anand and sent a forward to that monograph . It is in Tamil
and I will translate it and post it. 

The monograph is 28 pages long . It will have the pictures of
the AchAryAs , PerumAls and will have additional forwards from
the scholarly desceendants of DevanArviLAgam Azhagiya Singar 
( Sri karuNAkaran Swamy )as well . 

May I request all Sri VaishNavite groups to acquire this monograph ,
which is absolutely consistent with the SampradhAyams and approved
by the AchAryAs and use it for enhancing the KshEmam and MangaLam
of your families and help your youngsters about these sacred 
and ancient rituals that bind us together under Sri Bahgavadh 
RaamAnuja SiddhAntham ? We are going to price it modestly .
It may be priced 10 to 15$ to cover the costs of 
production and realize some funds for the Kaimkaryam .
The whole intent is to get this and other special
monographs that I will allude to later avialable
to a large number of Sri VaishNavAs .Please let me
know of your interest and support . I also need a volunteer
or Volunteers to coordinate the "sale" o fthis and other 
manuscripts.Please let me know , who would like to volunteer 
on behalf of your temples , AchAryAs or membership groups .   

I now need some volunteers , who are familiar with
Desktop publishing to assemble this monograph .
Last time , four of you volunteered . We have other
monographs under preparation by BhakhtAs .All of these 
are written especially to meet the needs of those , who 
wish to learn more about sampradhAyams and Kuladhanams .
Prcoeeds of these monographs would also be used for 
Sri RanganAthA Temple construction and other Kaimkaryams.

One such magnificient Kaimkaryam will be by Our dear 
Anbil Swami , who has performed KaalakshEpam
under great AchAryAs. He is putting together 
a monograph on the essence of Srimadh Rahasya Traya Saaram 
in an easy to understand manner . He has kindly consented to
give the proceedings of the sale from that monograph to
Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple Construction .  

Sriman BharadhvAj Jaganathan has started his own 18 brick kaimkaryam
by summarizing the well-written commentary of Thirukullam
Swamy on the 18 chapters of Srimadh Bhagavdh Gita . He is also
supprting the Temple Kaimkaryam for Sri RanganAthA .The first chapter
was a delight ot read from the unusually informative and refreshing
way in which Sri Thirukullam Swami writes . I wish 
Sri Jagananthan success in his welcome efforts for
us to get a clerer grip of the fundamentals taught 
by Sri GeethAchAryan Himself. 

May be one day , Sriman MadhavakkaNNan might release his 
commentary on Thiruvaimozhi as well . We need all the help
to complete the big iniitative for constrcuting the temple
for our PERIYA PERUMAL of Srirangam here in thsi land .

In summary , we need immediately help on Desk top publishing skills 
for realizing the monograph on SamAshrayaNam 
to make it available widely to the members of Bhakthi group ,
NaamA group , Temples in the Country and private homes .
Thanks for your help and Thanks to the three authors ,
who are helping with their kaimkaryams .

Daasan , V.Sadagopan