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Fwd: whatever God does is good for us

From: Shree (
Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 06:19:18 PDT

> the letter that u wanted!
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> whatever God does is good for us - 
> let our hearts be impregnated with this faith.
> practice your sadhana intensely. circumstances are not always favourable
> in everybody's case. therefore in whatever condition the lord keeps you,
> you must continue your sadhana. there is no other way to blessedness than
> to remember Him constantly and to depend on Him fully. the fullest degree
> of benefit comes from the fullest degree of dedication to God - this is
> the truth. reason supports this truth and all great souls are also
> unanimous on this point. the wise man remembers God amidst unfavourable
> circumstances and thus transcends them all.
> In this world a person has no resort except the grace of God. the more
> one is able to realize this, the more one will be at peace.
> the lord only knows where he will take me. wherever He takes me, may i have
> devotion to Him - that is my earnest prayer. whatever the lord wills,
> happens, and it is undoubtedly for our good. but the problem is that we
> neither understand it, nor have we any patience. indeed, there is no
> better way to peace than if we could only believe that whatever the lord
> does for us is good for us! if one does not have this understanding, one
> cannot have peace of mind. happiness and misery, disease and grief - these
> are all inevitable as long as one lives in the body. but it is not right 
> to think that what gives me happiness is good and what causes me pain
> is bad. this is sheer selfishness. may the lord always keep us unperturbed
> in happiness as well as sorrow, in disease and in grief. may we never be
> devoid of right understanding in every situation. that is my sincere
> prayer to the lord.....
> the nature of the body is to grow, to decay, and to die. but there is One
> inside the body who neither grows nor decays. try to see Him.
> you have dedicated yourself to the lord; therefore, all responsibility
> is now His. He will get everything done thru you. be an instrument in His
> hand, and follow the path which He has selected for you - then you will
> be relieved of fear and worry. those who have taken refuge in God have
> nothing to fear. "o brother, always stick to God, gradually you will be
> divine".
> everything will turn out alright in time. don't worry. don't be impatient.
> the lord does His own work and He is doing it. blessed are they whom He
> makes His instruments. you are capable of working as God's instruments-
> that should give you great joy. may the lord imbue your heart with this
> idea:
> o lord, o thou the inmost self of all, i tell thee the truth:
> i do not cherish any worldly desires in my heart. 
> do thou grant me intense devotion unto thee. 
> do thou also free my mind from passions and other impurities.
> [tulsidas:ramayana,v.2]
naanyaa spR^ihaa ragupate hR^idaye.asmadiiye
	satyaM vadaami cha bhavaanakhilaantaraatmaa |
bhaktiM prayachchha raghupu~Ngava nirbharaaM me
	kaamaadidoSharahitaM kuru maanasaM cha ||

[raamacharitamaanasa - sundarakaaNDa - 2 ]

> this very prayer will bring the hope of perfect peace to our heart. if one
> can experience this prayer, one's attainment of perfection becomes
> imminent.
> He alone is safe who is always prayerful to the divine lord. if one can
> be absorbed in the thought of the divine, one need not worry about the
> external things. in this respect His compassion is one's mainstay.
> always be prayerful. you should constantly talk to the lord about the needs
> of your heart. He alone is our own - if this feeling is established
> deeply within you, you will be free from fear and anxiety.gradually,
> the lord will make everything known to you.
> God is the benefactor of all beings and takes care of each and all - this
> knowledge leads to peace.
> ***********************************************************************> 
> regards
> sudha