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RE: Dvaita and Visishtadvaita

From: Rajagapalan, Murli, NCSIO (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 08:46:08 PDT

Sriman Sadagopan Swami and other esteemed BhAgawathas,

I second Swami Sadagopan's opinion that the interested party (which most
positively will include me as well) should get in touch with a seasoned
scholar in regard to this Dvaita/VisishtAdvaita issue, whether it be Swami S
M S Chari or Swami Anbil or any other mahAn who has done Acharya seva to
earn the knowledge regarding these most important tattvas.  It would be far
more illuminating to all of us (especially me) if one such mahAn can shed
light on this subject.  As regarding me, although I respectfully appreciate
the enthusiasm with which Swami Sadagopan and others have received my
articles, I have to also regretfully confess that I have not served the feet
of an Acharya to get this knowledge.  So, whatever little I have learnt by
reading books is bound to have errors, and is as good as nothing.  The
positive corrective force that exists when a student is around an Acharya is
missing in my case.  So, SrimAns, please do not apologize for anything at
all.  Actually that would amount to BhAgawatApachAram from my side.

Kindly accept my praNAmams.
Murali Kadambi.

|| SarvAparAdhAn Kshamasva ||
|| Sarvam Sri KrishNarpaNamastu ||

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> From: 	Sadagopan[]
> Sent: 	Thursday, May 07, 1998 7:30 AM
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> Subject: 	RE: Dvaita and Visishtadvaita
> Dear BhakthAs :
> It is so wonderful to have knowledgable 
> members , who can address these difficult questions 
> in the traditional manner formulated by our
> purvAchAryAs with rigor and logic . Dr.SMS Chari
> is a great scholar in comparitive religions 
> and especially on Sri Vaishanvism , whom I know of .
> That is why he was foremost in my thoughts.
> He has studied under some of the greatst 
> scholars like ThirukkOshtiUr Swami .
> Sriman Anbil Ramaswami is another such scholar we 
> all are fortunate to have as a member of this group ,
> who has benefitted form rigorous studies under 
> great AchAryAs of Ahobila Mutt , Andavans 
> and is very much in touch with Parkaala Mutt Jeeyar
> and othe rscholars. 
> When I referred to the fact that Dr.SMS Chari 
> is eminently qualified to address this question ,
> I might have inadvertently jumped over the
> additional responses from very capable
> members like Sriman Murli Rajagopalan , Sri Krishna  
> Susrala , Sri Anbil Swami and others .The funny point about
> this Bhakthi group is that we do not even know fully 
> all the talents that coexist within this special group .
> Sriman Rajagopalan's and Sri Susrala's  answers are
> clear and concise .Although I admire the devotion
> of the members of the CMS , their desire to shoot every
> other philosophy down with zeal as if they can not
> stand the rigorous examination is unfortunate.
> It gets very polemical .Sriman Murli Rajagopal's     
> observations on  the apaurusheya aspects of the Vedams 
> was a pleasure to read and learn from . 
> My apologies for oversight and thanks Sriman Rajagopalan .
> V.Sadagopan