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Translation of few tamil/sanskrit words requested

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu May 07 1998 - 06:35:58 PDT


Dearest Sri KrishNa susarla,

It is so nice of you that you read my posts and attempted to understand 
the words. I am like a child attemting to speak few words (after 
listening to elders). Naturally, one can not expect grammar from the 
kid. And that is why many adults and scholars like you, Sri Sadagopan, 
Following are the translations for some of words that you had asked for.

1. pAsuram: pA + suram : (in Tamil) PA means: poem; suram: set to music. 
The AzhwAr (Alwaar) 's verses (pAsurams) were sung by Sri Nathamuni in 
musical tone and are called pAsuram. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

2. Emperumman: (in Tamil) Em + Perumaan: Em means: our; Perumaan: Lord 
i.e Our Lord.

3. Parathvam:(in sanskrit): The Supremacy (of our Lord)

4. Sowlabhyam: (Sanskrit): sulabh (in Hindi/ Sanskrit) means easily 
accessible- easy. The Lord, Such Supreme Primordial Chief is making 
Himslef so easily accessible in His KrishNAvattar and in His RamAvataar 
and other avattars. Such Graetest nature / compassion of His for being 
so easily accessible to us is glorified as Sowlabhyam. Sri Ramanuja 
Siddhaantham is ALL praise for His Parathvam + Sowlabhyam. Sri RamanujA 
brings together the upanishadic idea of Brahmanwhich is the Spupreme 
Reality and the ecstatic outpourings of AzhwArs and envisions the Divine 
as possessing Parathvam and Sowlabhyam (easy accessibility) at the same 
time. When there is no avaar, the archai form (at the temple) becomes a 
priceless help. 

5. anubhavam (in Sanskrit) : enjoyment / feeling ecstatic

6. Embar: Embar was the conferred name to Sri Govindhar, cousin and 
sishyA (Disciple) of Sri RamanujA and the AchAryA (Guru, teacher) of 
Paraasara Bhattar.

7. BhAgawathAL: Devotees

8. ThirumEni: (Tamil) mEni means body. ThirumEni denotes the body with 
due respects and regards

9. upanyaasam: Spiritual  Discourse


Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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