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Re: Raamaayana question

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 14:15:43 PDT

>> I was wondering if anyone could confirm the above, that the Maya-Sita is
>> same as Padmaavathi.

>Before Raavana takes Maya Sita away, Rama asks her to ask him for a wish.
>To that She replies, that its not enough for me to be Maya Sita, I would
>like to be Sriman Narayana's wife.  To this Rama replies that in this day
>and age, he is Eka Patni Vratudu and hence can't marry her.  He also tells
>her that she will be born to Aakasha Raja and that he will marry her as
>Lord Srinivasa and be with her until the end of Kalyuga.  Since he has
>promised her that Sriman Narayana has to come to earth again. You are
>right when you say that Rama wanted to get his Sita back form Agni, and
>hence asked the Maya Sita to take Agni Pariksha.  If you read Tulsidas
>Ramayana, in it he explains that Sita is not wearing the jewelry that was
>given to her in Lanka, but she is wearing the very jewelry that Arundati
>gave her.

Hare Krishna! Thanks for confirming that. Now what I want to know is, is
Tulasi-dasa's Raama-charita-manasa the only source of evidence to support
the above, or is there scriptural support for it also?

While we're on the subject, I am curious to know about Tulasi-das's
sampradaaya. I had heard that he was initiated into the Shrii Vaishnava
line, but that he may or may not have deviated from that philosophy. I have
also heard that his Raama-charita-manasa contains some elements of advaita
philosophy, but I have not read it so I was wondering how Shrii Vaishnavas
as a whole regard it.


-- Krishna Susarla