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Ramanuja Jayanthi at Sri Ranganatha temple

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 10:57:24 PDT

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to share with you the events at Sri Ranganatha
temple last Saturday.

Bhasyakarar's Tirunakshatram was celebrated in a grand manner
at Sri Ranganatha temple (NY). After the morning tirumanjanam,
Udayavar, decked in garlands and looking striking beautiful,
was mounted on a pallak (palanquin) and placed before Perumal.
The gosthi then recited gadya-trayam, after which the assembled
bhagavathas (starting with Sri Venkat Kanumalla) spoke a
few words about the greatness of Yatiraja and the lessons
we all can learn from his divya-charitram.

Sri Vankat made a moving plea for all of us to come together
and help in the construction of Sri Ranganatha temple and
make the dream of Srimad Azhagiya singer come true.
Sri Jaganath Bharadwaj released the "Gadya-Trayam & Stotra-
Ratnam" cassette. More about this at the end of this mail.

'Akkaram-Arisil' in 100 cups was then offered to Perumal
by Yatiraja and the function concluded with the archa murthi
of Sri Ramanujacharya carried from one Perumal Sannidhi
to the next for 'mariyadai' (a silk shawl that was first
offered to Perumal and Thayar was then wrapped around Yatirajar).

Finally, when Udayavar was brought back to his sannidhi, it was a
delight to see him, sitting majestically and showering
his benevolence glance on all those assembled to celebrate his
tirunakshatram. Swami Desikan in his Yatiraja sapthathi has
equates Udayavar to the 'nayaka-ratnam' in the jewel that 
represents our archarya paramparai and that adorns Sriman
Narayana. Such is the greatness of this acharya, who established
Vishsitadvita Siddhantam on a firm footing and opened to
prapatthi marga to Sri Vaikuntam, to all those who took 
shelter under his holy feet.

Jaya Jaya Yatiraja!

'Gadya-trayam & Stotra-ratnam' cassette has been recently
released. This is a join production by Sri Ahobila Muth Inc.
and Sri Ramajuna Mission (USA). The recitation is by Sri Saranathan
bhattar (of Pittsburgh SV temple) with introductory comments by
Sri Nadadur Madhava Dasan (of VA). This will most certainly
be an invaluable addition to your existing collection of tapes
and is brought to you at a very nominal rate (only $10.00).

** The proceeds from the sale of this tape will go directly 
for the temple construction. **

We request you to purchase these tapes as soon as possible
and thus help in the temple construction. Please contact
Sri  Dileepan ( to place orders and pass on
this info to your friends. Thank you.

Bhasyakarar tiruvadigale saranam