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Thiruvaaimozhi 5.9- The whole place is Divinely Beautiful and Graceful

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 07:34:07 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In the last decad, NaamAzhwAr surrendered at the Lotus Feet of 
Thirukkudanthai Emperumaan. Even then, his wish did not get fulfilled 
and he is yet to see Him with his physical eyes. AzhWar goes to 
Thiruvallavaazh and takes the role of ParAngusha nAyaki while singing 
this set of pAsurams. Her friens seeing her proceeding to 
Thiruvaalavaazh alone, advises her not to go alone as it is not feminine 
to go out alone. Immediately, AzhwAr says, "In as much as you wish to 
advise me against doing such acts, Thiruvallavaazh Emperumaan's beauty 
and guNAs pull me to Him like a powerful magnet. Even the chill breeze 
there invites me with His fragrance; The resonance and sound of vedic 
hymns and vaidheeha kariyaigaL (auspicious performances and ceremonies 
by scholars) call me "come here; come here" and how can I stop being 
pulled by such Holy place? Let us have a look at such beautiful set of 
verses! They are real poems! With so nice meanings!

1. Oh deer-eyed beautiful Friends! (You all should lovingly send me off 
for going to Thiruvallavaazh with your lovely glances at me). With 
tremendous pangs of separation, I have been thinning down languishing 
for Emperumaan. At Thiruvallavaazh Divya Desam, tall grown up betel nut 
trees add beauty to that place. When will I reach the Lotus Feet of 
SarvEshwaran at Thiruvallavaazh, where the lovely gardens with most 
fragrant honey dripping jasmine flowers, have flooded the entire place; 
(nampiLLAi says: Like Emperumaan, even the garden have obtained the 
nectarine quality of taste and fragrance; It is similar to this: when 
jananAtha pramaraayar tried to axe one tree at ThirumudikuRai( in the 
middle of ubhaya kAvEri) Embar immediately stopped him and said "allALa 
perumAnE! This Iswara vibhUti, Please do not destroy!" he queried "Is 
there any place where there is no Iswara vibhUti?"  Embar said "It is 
not just that. When Sarva bhouman, NamPerumAL and Piraati join Their 
hands and enjoy at ubhaya kAvEri, the entire place gets Their magic 
touch and so is this tree." Thus, for those who are graced with Parama 
bhakti, the entire place will be Divine and Holy.

2. Oh My dear Girl friends! What is the use by making me feel sad and 
depressed (by asking me to stay here)? What a lovely set of trees how 
beautiful are they at Thiruvallavaazh! The most fragrant flowers are 
filled everywhere at that place. Just bloomed Kurukkatthi plant, 
embraces the breeze and it hugs me lovingly; In such a beautiful, 
pleasant, cool Divya dEsam, when will I adorn my head with the dust 
gathered from Those Beautiful Lotus Feet of Thiruvallavaazh Emperumaan?

3. Oh, my dear friends who wear the most fragrant flowers in your long 
dark hairs! Are those vEdic scholars intentionally reciting vEdAs so 
beautifully in praise of Him, to aggravate my languishing pains 
(suffering from the pangs of separation from Emperumaan)? Those vEdic 
hymns and their shabdhams reach my ears like the roaring sound of the 
sea waves; The smoke that emanate from those Homams, are seen up in the 
air everywhere attracting me to the greatest extent. At such a holy 
place when will I see The Lotus Feet of Thiruvallavaazh Emperumaan?

4. What is the use of troubling me with your words, dear friends (by 
advising me not to go to Thgiruvallavaazh)? The Palm trees, with green 
leaves, the coconut trees, the jack fruit trees, banana trees, etc, have 
all grown so tall that they touch even the top tier of the tall palaces; 
At such a lovely place at Thiruvallavaazh, my jIvan has stayed at the 
sight of Emperumman who is lying down on AdhisEshan.  (Since my good, 
nice, friendly jIvan has stayed here at that sight, there is no use in 
taking to me any more, friends!)

5. Oh friends who are always my well wishers! At Thiruvallavaazh, since 
the brahmins are performing homams, the thick smoke has risen everywhere 
and filled up the sky entirely; At such a holy place, Emperumaan is like 
a "vella katti" (a sweet stone of brown sugar); He is like the tastiest 
fruit; Such a nectarine Emperumaan (with His exquisite beauty) has 
captured me TOTALLY and COMPLETELY. When will I be able to see such a 
brightest jYothi with my eyes? 

6. Oh Girls of lovely reddish mouths! We can here the bees humming most 
musically at Thiruvallavaazh; There the gentle breeze hugs us softly; 
The tall trees, with long thick branches are filled everywhere at 
Thiruvallavaazh; At such a Beautiful place, when will be blessed with 
the sight of the Lotus Feet of Vaamanan?

7. Oh my dear beautiful friends! The ponds at Thiruvallavaazh are filled 
with the pure water to the brim. There, at Thiruvallavaazh, the eyes of 
women are bloomed like the Lotus flowers (beautified by their constant 
glances at Emperumaan's Divya manghaLa vigraham). I long to prostrate at 
the Lotus Feet of such Greatest Emperumaan at Thiruvallavaazh, who ate 
the entire universe in one gulp. Will I ever be granted of that Divine 

8. Oh Girls of beautiful forehead! Since at this Divya dEsam of 
Thiruvallavaazh, there are lots and lots of sugar cane fields, they are 
getting squeezed for extracting juices (and sugar). The rich paddy 
fields are seen everwhere at this place and the land is so fertile. Not 
just that. The ponds are so beautifully decorated with the flowers by 
nature and look so gorgeous and graceful. At such a lovely place with so 
much of natural beauty, (so explicitly seen due to Emperumaan's presence 
at that Divya Desam), will it ever be possible for me to pay obeisance 
to His Long Lotus Feet (that measured the entire universe in one step)?

9. The Honeybees are humming so musically at Thiruvallavaazh after 
drinking and rejoicing the honey. They appear to hum like the flute and 
the veeNA. Such lovely gardens are filled entirely at this place where 
Emperumaan is gracefully staying at this Divya sthalam. Will I ever get 
His mercy? If I can see Him and prostrate at Him, my bangles will stay 
in my hands (which were earlier falling ofetn due to my thinning down) 
with greatest joy. Will I ever experience that bliss? 

10. Of friends! Emperumaan at Thiruvallavaazh nagar showers everyone His 
natural mercy and grace. He blesses His devotees in this world in such 
way that even NiyasUris and dEvAs praise them. There are thousands of 
SrIvaishNavaas at this sthalam. They pay obeisance to Emperumaan singing 
in praise of Lord's kalyANa guNAs. To such Dearest Emperumaan of mine, 
can I obtain His grace and be blessed to enjoy singing in praise of Him, 
utter His names and talk His kalyANa guNAs? (Look at that. To sing and 
enjoy, Bhagawaan should shower His grace and bless us; every thing is 
His command. Even discussing like this is His mercy and dayA.) (In this 
pAsuram the last line is "nallaruL namperumaan nArAyaNan nAmanghaLE".  
NallaruL- vaathsalyam. Namperumaan- Swamithvam, Parathvam. Means: The 
One, who showers us His grace and mercy and is our Primordial Chief, is 

11. Thenkurugoor SadagOpar has sung 1000 pAsurams on OUR Emperumaan's 
Lotus Feet and His KalyANa guNAs in clear words and deep meanings. Out 
of those 1000, these ten, about Thiruvallavaazh Emperumaan and the Divya 
dEsam, will enable its readers the greatest people on earth, even if 
they are born in this world of sorrows, caught is samsaaric ills.

AzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam                                  

Ram Ram

With Best Regards

NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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